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3 years ago by Andy Datson

The real reason Goldberg won the Bluniversal title at Super Showdown.


WWE were keeping Samoa Joe’s suspension secret even from creative.


And The Young Bucks reveal when exactly they knew Marty Scurll wasn’t coming to AEW.


Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Trustworthy News, I’m El Fakidor Laurie Blake.


So as you may or may not have seen depending on your feelings towards WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows, and remember, they’re not paying you so you can tell the truth.


But on yesterday’s Super Showdown, the biannual torpedo to whatever you thought the storyline was, Goldberg told the Fiend he was next and no locker in Riyadh was safe.


After four spears and a jackhammer The Fiend was Bray Wyatted, and Goldberg is the new Universal Champion, it was bad storytelling from WWE as ever.


Not that I mind Goldberg winning as it puts me ahead in WrestleLeague. But let’s just have a moments silence for The Fiend character Not now Bill.


Admittedly Bill did try to put over his opponent on the way out, in a backstage interview he said: “First thing, I’ll be limping out of Saudi Arabia”.


I’m not exactly sure where he got this limp from considering the only place he was attacked was in his mouth twice.


So unless the tongue works in much the same way as the spinal cord and has surprising control over your lower extremities, I’m putting this limp down to Goldberg’s greatest foe… age.


But this win begs the big question, what the actual f*** is going on? Again, thanks for the WrestleLeague point Bill but what you up to?


This seems to confirm the rumour going round that Bill will take on Roman Reigns and The Fiend will face John Cena at the show of shows.


Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio said yesterday:

“The top two SmackDown matches are gonna be Bill Goldberg against Roman Reigns, so Bill Goldberg is on WrestleMania now, and John Cena against Bray Wyatt.”


Which means that Goldberg and Reigns will be the big championship match and likely could main event the show.


It also means that Roman Reigns is probably going to win the Elimination Chamber match next Sunday.


The changeabout comes after the initial Rumble plan of having Reigns win to set up a match with the Fiend was changed 10 days before the show – maybe WWE wanted to start off the year fairly controversy free.


But then Goldberg made his appearance on Smackdown and popped the ratings so that changed absolutely everything because ratings are our lord and saviour. And that’s why Goldberg is coming to Smackdown tonight, bringing his fancy new belt with him, oh bless us with your ratings oh great watcher in the sky.


Meltzer’s scoop also means that Cena will not only be lacing up his boots for an appearance on Smackdown tonight, he’s probably going to be zipping up his jorts for Mania too.


To my mind the better story would have been Cena chasing his 17th Championship to beat the 16 time record that he currently holds jointly with Ric Flair, as co-besties.


The man who never gives up against the monster who won’t stay down. Except when he does, against Goldberg.


But instead we’ve got the one move of doom, button mashers match. WRESTLING.


Someone who won’t be lacing up anything for a few weeks is Samoa Joe: current owner operator of a wellness policy violation.


This is a story that has been brewing for a while since WrestleVotes reported earlier in the month that more WWE Wellness Policy suspensions were inbound following Andrade’s in late January and Robert Roode’s before that.


WrestleVotes also suggested that Joe was one of the violations, this was then “vociferously denied” by WWE sources to PWInsider in what seems to be an ongoing disinformation campaign regarding well-known leakers.


But that’s not the new bit of the story, because not only was WrestleVotes vindicated in this case, but WWE’s blanket of secrecy over the Samoa Joe violation seems to have extended over some departments within the company.


Wrestling Observer Radio said that the creative team didn’t find out about the suspension until it was announced by WWE yesterday! Because it’s not like they need to know or anything, not like there are long term plans to think of.


Oh wait, there aren’t. Everything gets thrown out first thing Monday morning so it must be pretty easy to write him out. Storytelling is basically modular now in WWE, if you need to swap a part out it’s no big deal, just comes right out.


So in this story it seems like WWE officials knew about this suspension in early February but that obviously hasn’t been confirmed – in fact it’s actually been denied.


So you think one month is plenty of time to give creative a heads up, this is one of those rare cases where it’s like sorry creative we have nothing for you.


As it stands at the minute, Joe is able to return from his suspension in late March, but whether he would be able to considering the recent concussion at the end of January remains to be seen. 


Something that remains to be seen, is the March 11th episode of NXT. Just a very true segway.


Why is this important? I’ll tell you, it’s because it was up in the air as to where the episode would air from.


You see it’s Full Sail University’s annual Hall of Fame week which runs from March 8-13, which means they are going to be using the Winter Park arena on campus for the event.


Where no doubt they’ll be inducting Hulk Hogan twice, but cramming Chyna in as part of a group. Because porn is bad but racism is a-ok.


Triple H announced after Wednesday’s NXT episode that the show would instead be a special Fan Appreciation Night and emanate from the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando.


They have four rings there, so it’s basically a double Wargames match, minus the giant cage, the metaphysical cage of a WWE contract is ever present though.


Maybe this four ring dogpile and special fan appreciation event could give NXT a little boost in the ratings.


As this week the show was down as NBA returned to screens after a week off due to the All-Star break.


NXT averaged 717,000 viewers, a drop of 8 percent and their lowest number in four weeks – things weren’t wonderful the other side of the fence for AEW either.


As their numbers fell by 3 percent this week, with Dynamite averaging 865,000 viewers over it’s two hours.


However, it was the first time that AEW got a clean sweep in the demos beating NXT in every age group including the over 50s who have been hardcore NXT marks so far.


No doubt helped by the honestly incredible match iron man match between Kenny Omega and that Bastard Pac.


Staying with AEW now.


Who can’t seem to live down the snub from Elite member in Absentia Marty Scurll, who decided to stay with Ring of Honor for a bigger slice of the creative control pie, when you would imagine AEW would have been offering some serious cashola to their friendly neighbourhood villain.


However as has been said before their are no hard feelings between AEW’s higher ups and Marty, but in a recent interview with we learned some interesting details about when exactly they knew that Marty didn’t want to party.


Nick Jackson told the site:


“We were kind of feeling him out for a while now and he always was very vague with us, anytime we would bring up storylines and stuff. So, we pretty much got the hint three months ago or so. And we realized, ‘Okay, he’s staying put.’ Good for him, though. And that he knows how we feel, it’s a business. Yeah, it would’ve been great to have him with us because we’re good friends, but he got a great deal out of it and he seems to be very happy. He’s definitely going to try to paint his path on his own and more respect to him for doing that. We’re all cool though.”


Matt added: “I feel the same way. Marty got a great offer and I think he wanted it to be more than just a wrestler and he got an opportunity to do that… And I hope he can make the place he’s working a better place.”


Bit of a pointed barb in that final mention of Ring of Honor but as Matt says with more creative control Marty has an opportunity to improve, in Spanish destroy, Ring of Honor.


Oh my god it’s an invasion storyline.


To close us out for today, we’ve got a match announcement for The Battle of BritWres, the live show we’re putting on in London on March the 16th.


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