5 Last-Minute Bold Predictions For WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022

2 weeks ago by Daniel Schachtmeier


5. The Major Players Show Up

One of the most persistent rumors ahead of WWE Survivor Series is the return of Chelsea Green to the company.

But what if she is not alone?

Her real-life husband Matt Cardona has also been thrown into the mix for a potential return.

The former Zack Ryder has been fueling that rumor by constantly teasing his return on social media as well.

Add Brian Myers – best friend of Cardona and also known as Curt Hawkins in WWE – to the mix, and you get the Major Players.

Since their departure from WWE in 2020, all three have been dominating the independent scene as well as the NWA and IMPACT Wrestling.

With all three dropping their IMPACT championships it looks like they could all be bound to head back to WWE.

The Major Players might come around to change the game.


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