5 Things Bryan Danielson Could Do On Tonight’s AEW Dynamite

2 months ago by SP3


4. Call out Eddie Kingston after costing their team the Anarchy In The Arena Match

There are some underlying issues for Bryan Danielson joining Eddie Kingston’s team next week though.

At Double Or Nothing, it was the past animosity between Kingston and Danielson that caused their team to lose against the unified unit of the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Bryan was the victim in the end with Jericho and Hager choking him with the ring rope and locking him in a half crab to gain the win.

This could have been the reason for his weeks away, but instead of blaming JAS, Bryan might put the blame on Eddie’s obsession for revenge on Jericho.

Danielson calling out Kingston and pointing the finger at him for the loss as well as telling him that this obsession could be the reason his team will lose Blood and Guts falls in line with his character.

Despite The Mad King’s popularity, he and Danielson have never gotten along.

This animosity might lead to another showdown that will excite many fans based on their first excellent clash in AEW last October.


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