8 WWE Stars Who Actually SHOULD Have Their Names Changed

2 months ago by Liam Winnard

8. Happy Corbin

So I said we weren’t going to just change people’s names back to what they used to be – and I’m sticking to that.

In the past few years, Corbin has been Baron Corbin, Constable Corbin, King Corbin and Happy Corbin. Let’s keep that trend going with something new.

Now that he’s split from Madcap Moss, there’s no reason for Corbin to keep the Happy thing going anymore, especially because Moss should be the one who comes out on top in their feud.

So… Corbin needs a new silly gimmick and a new name to go with it. For all the hate he gets, you can’t deny that, whatever he does, he kind of makes it work.

Perhaps he can study medical science and become Dr Corbin, maybe he can run wrestlers’ court and become Judge Corbin, or perhaps he could run for UK Prime Minister and become Jeremy Corbin. The possibilities are endless.

(Yes, I am aware it’s spelled Jeremy Corbyn. But Happy’s surname is spelled Corbin. The joke still works, leave me alone.)


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