Picking The Michaels & Jannetty Of Every Current AEW Tag Team

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Picking The Michaels & Jannetty Of Every Current AEW Tag Team AEW/WWE

With speculation of a potential split between WWE’ Street Profits, and many people believing Montez Ford to be the breakout star of the team, we recently ran down every tag team in WWE and picked out the Michaels and Jannetty.

However, WWE is far from the only company with tag teams, in fact they arguably aren’t event the best with them.

AEW’s tag team division is often considered one of the most stacked tag team divisions in history, so it stands to reason that some teams may break up and go out on their own as singles stars.

This isn’t my personal opinion. It’s more a prediction of who from each team I believe AEW would see in which role, not who I personally see in which role. It is also a reflection of CURRENT circumstance, not past success.

To simplify it, the general rule is this – if AEW was to put the world title on either tag team member right now, which one would it be.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at all tag teams in AEW right now, and our attempt at picking the Michaels and Jannetty of each one.

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