The Goldmine: The Bullet Club Shoots WWE With A Silver Bullet by Alex Gold

The Goldmine: The Bullet Club Shoots WWE With A Silver Bullet by Alex Gold

It’s officially the end of the most exciting and interesting season in the world of sports entertainment, however this year it wasn’t WWE in the driver’s seat. With WWE Hall of Fame, NXT Takeover, WrestleMania 34 and ROH’S Supercard of Honor XII now in the history books it’s time to reflect and anticipate the future.

WWE‘s wrestling contributions over the weekend and earlier this week received mixed reactions. As for NXT Takeover, it was by far the best produced WWE product of the week. But The Goldmine believes that one of NXT‘s brightest stars, ECIII, with all his hype, history and flawless character should have been crowned Northern US champion. It’s also worth mentioning that I believe Drew McIntyre should have returned in the main event and stolen the spotlight.

But that’s an article for another time…

WrestleMania 34 is felt by the greater majority to have been a disappointment, and not because Brock Lesnar won, on the contrary, that was one of the highlights. The Undertaker’s return was let’s face it, less than iconic. If he had perhaps returned wearing the original Undertaker grey and black costume that would have been something. John Cena didn’t turn heel. There weren’t any surprise returns or debuts, and a “child” won one-half of the tag team belts from one of the greatest tag teams of all time, The Bar.  Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 34 did deliver an okay show highlighted by one of the biggest comebacks in recent WWE history – your future Universal champion Bobby Lashley. However…

Saturday night’s ROH’S Supercard of Honor XII, was a near flawless card from top to bottom and its main event between Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega was the icing on the cake.

Ever since early 2017, a great war has been brewing between WWE and the Bullet Club. WWE’s fear of these revolutionary gentleman and woman has seen WWE brass so terrified that they issued a “cease and desist” against Bullet Club for using a “hand gesture” of all things. To further add fuel to the claim that WWE is nervous about Bullet Club, it is evident by the way they are utilizing three of its former members – Finn Balor,  Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Essentially WWE is diluting these three characters into nothing more than glorified jobbers. Anderson and Gallows don’t have a storyline and were not even featured on WrestleMania’s main card this year. Finn has been in the losing column of most of his matches for as long as I can recall and his recent defeat at WrestleMania 34 was deplorable. Seth Rollins had no business taking the Intercontinental title – a man who cannot cut a promo, wears dull grey tights, doesn’t have developed character but who somehow manages to slither his way through WWE without ever being involved in any engaging storyline.

Not since the days of WCW and the great Monday night wars has WWE been so nervous about its competition, and let’s face it, Bullet Club are that valid competition. These gentleman and woman: Kenny ‘The Cleaner’ Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody ‘The American Nightmare’ Rhodes, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, Brandi Rhodes, “The DM”, ‘Bad Luck’ Fale, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa have accomplished things in the wrestling business that even the legendary “Clique” couldn’t do.

Last year, Bullet Club merchandise began being sold by the famous U.S. clothing store, Hot Topic. Alongside that Bullet Club hosts their own Youtube series, “Being The Elite”, which has over two hundred thousand subscribers and thousands of weekly views, and Bullet Club is the hottest thing since… In fact hotter than the NWO. You want more?

This past weekend’s SuperCard of Honor XII event saw the largest crowd in ROH history – a shade under seven thousand. That’s a larger crowd than the average episode of SmackDown Live and sometimes, Raw. September 2018 will see Bullet Club debut their first self-funded PPV, All In, which will also host Hollywood movie stars, Stephen Amell (star of The CW TV show Arrow) and David Arquette (former WCW champion).

It is The Goldmine’s belief that when All In sells out the 10,000 seat arena in Chicago (which will be the largest non WWE crowd since WCW in 2001) all bets will be off. Bullet Club and their revolutionary approach to reinventing sports entertainment to a place where there aren’t scripts and where wrestlers have creative freedom (not Hollywood writers who don’t have a clue about the wrestling business leading them like puppets) Bullet Club, ROH, NJPW and perhaps a new organization that will be birthed from all them will be the number one source of sports entertainment – I predict.

I am sorry that I had to say this, but the golden era of WWE is long gone and with the way things are going “up there” it’s safe to say it will never ever return.

Goodnight and Goodbye, Bang!

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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