10 Potential WWE Opponents For The Rock Heel Run

10 Potential WWE Opponents For The Rock Heel Run WWE

The Rock has turned his back on the people… Or is it the people that have turned their back on him? Either way, somehow, someway ‘Rocky Sucks’ chants are ringing out in arenas once again for the first time in decades.

A 2024 heal reinvention for Rocky was not something many of us have ever foresaw happening again. Yet, here we are, on the Road to WrestleMania 40 and being given exactly that.

With what looks set to be a mix of his Hollywood and Corporate Champion characters, Rock is reportedly set to go all in on being a bad guy and that is truly an exciting prospect.

Rock embracing the fact that he sits in perhaps the highest seat of power of anyone in WWE, can make for some tantalising TV and opens the door for he and the entire Bloodline to face off against WWE’s host of babyface stars.

So with that said, let’s now identify just who exactly that should be by picking out 10 potential opponents for Rock in this heel run.

10. Jey Uso

With Rock taking a seat alongside (or even above) Roman Reigns at the Head of the Table, it feels inevitable that he may attempt to do what the Tribal Chief ultimately couldn’t and entice ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso back to The Bloodline.

While Jey has been known to succumb to the mental pressure of Reigns in the past, he finally managed to break that spell when he broke away from the group and moved over to Raw on his own two feet last year.

However, with inevitable feud with Jimmy Uso looming, perhaps even as soon as WrestleMania, it’s likely that he will soon be dragged back into the family business once again.

This will naturally see him also come face to face with Rock, who can attempt to coax him back into The Bloodline, only for Jey to defiantly refuse and continue his run as Raw’s Yeet-master.

Jey is truly beloved by the WWE audience and has real potential to achieve great success on his own in 2024, and a personal family feud against the biggest star on the planet would only serve in growing his stock in the company further.

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3 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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