Predicting The Card For WWE Backlash 2024 Following WrestleMania 40

Predicting The Card For WWE Backlash 2024 Following WrestleMania 40 WWE

WWE Backlash 2024 in Lyon Decines, France, will mark the first Premium Live Event of the Paul Levesque Era following the landmark WrestleMania 40.

I know, I know. New era in WWE is something we’ve heard before, all for very little to in fact change.

However, the same certainly can’t be said this time. WrestleMania 40, specifically its ending felt like a sea change in WWE with Cody Rhodes set to lead the charge as the face of the company.

Now comes the hard part: maintaining that momentum post-WrestleMania. The months following the Show of Shows typically see a lull and dip in interest. But this time, I’m not so sure that’s coming, or at least not as drastic a dip as usual.

But how will WWE continue to push on? How will Triple H book Rhodes as a champion? And what card will the fans in attendance at WWE’s first-ever PLE in France be treated to? Lets’s find out how Backlash looks…

6. Rhea Ripley (c) VS. Liv Morgan – WWE Women’s World Championship

WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan

Capping off a year as champion at WrestleMania 40 with a big win over Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley enters the new era with another level of confidence.

And who can blame her? She’s comfortably sat at her perch at the top of the division for the last 12 months and has hardly seemed under true threat of losing her spot.

This feeling that Ripley has lapped the field leaves few new challengers left for her on Raw. While this will change with the WWE draft, there is one that she hasn’t been challenged by just yet. The one that many wanted to see get that WrestleMania spot.

I am of course talking about Liv Morgan, someone who will be no doubt shoving her way to the front of the queue to face Ripley at Backlash.

Morgan has yet to get a chance at revenge, not only at losing six months of her career last year at the hands of Ripley, but also Ripley’s betrayal of their team back in 2022. So, hopefully Morgan can at least finally get a crack at the champ at Backlash.

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