16-Year-Old Nick Wayne Discusses Current AEW Role Until He Turns 18

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

16-Year-Old Nick Wayne Discusses Current AEW Role Until He Turns 18 AEW

A lot of heads turned earlier this year, when it was announced that 16-year old independent wrestling standout Nick Wayne had signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Wayne is set to begin wrestling for the company once he turns 18, but that doesn’t mean he is sat around with nothing to do.

Wayne recently spoke to Denise Salcedo, where he discussed his current role in the company before he turns 18.


He explained:

“From now until I’m 18, it’s like a learning experience there, I’ll go to the shows, learn TV wrestling, learn how AEW does things, meet the agents, learn the production, so when I turn 18 we’ll be ready to rock and roll. People I’m looking forward to working with, Jerry Lynn, one of the agents, he’s one of the best. I love Jerry Lynn. In the ring, working with Daniel Bryan [Bryan Danielson], easily one of the best careers in professional wrestling ever. Other guys who have inspired me a lot throughout the way, Kenny Omega, so many names,”

Wayne continued on, speaking about his thoughts on the current AEW product having been up close for the past six months.

He said:

“It’s incredible. They’re doing something that other people aren’t doing. They’re pushing the limits and pushing boundaries. The matches they put on, on a weekly basis, are jaw-dropping. They were the first ever wrestling company to have a deathmatch on TV, that’s never been done. Just going outside the box. The product is incredible and I’m beyond thankful that, out of all the places I got signed to, it was AEW.”

Wayne is set to face off against Will Ospreay at the upcoming GCW I Never Liked You show. Ospreay himself has been vocal about teasing a potential match against AEW World Champion CM Punk at the Forbidden Door event.

transcription via Fightful

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