AEW: Dynamite Drops Over 200,000 Viewers, Still Beats NXT

3 years ago by Andy Datson

AEW: Dynamite Drops Over 200,000 Viewers, Still Beats NXT

In a week dominated by the MLB World Series, both AEW: Dynamite and NXT saw major drops in viewership.

This was expected, as large sporting events often effect ratings for wrestling, and as last night was the final game of the 7-game series, numbers were bound to be lower. For anyone wondering, the Washington Nationals won.

Compared to last week when an average of 963,000 people tuned in to AEW on TNT, just 759,000 people tuned in this week to see SCU become the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions and Jon Moxley cut a firey promo.

This is a drop of 204,000, but TNT and AEW officials would have expected this so there will be no need for panic at all.

As for NXT, viewership dropped from 698,000 last week to 580,000 this week, but again this would have been forecast and not a surprise to anyone.

As a sign of how popular the final game of the world series was, the match drew 23 million viewers on FOX, and some were bound to be wrestling fans.

The real intrigue is in the replay numbers which are yet to be released. How many people will make the effort to watch AEW or NXT on replay because they missed it live?


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