Current AEW Name ‘Surprised’ Trinity Fatu Joined IMPACT Wrestling

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

Current AEW Name ‘Surprised’ Trinity Fatu Joined IMPACT Wrestling WWE

Two-time WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Trinity Fatu (FKA Naomi) made headlines last week when she debuted at the April 28 IMPACT taping.

Whilst their was a lot of speculation surrounding where Trinity would end up following her WWE exit, the move to IMPACT came as a surprise to some fans who perhaps expected a move to AEW or NJPW alongside former tag partner Mercedes Mone.

It turns out that the move was also a surprise to one of her former colleagues in WWE, as Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross would discuss on his latest Grilling JR podcast.

JR discussed Trinity’s decision and why it surprised him:

“Yeah, she’s such a nice person, too, more importantly to many, a locker room person.

“A good citizen, wrestling citizen in her community. So, I think she’ll help anybody.

“I was surprised she went there, not because I thought she was coming to work for AEW, but that wouldn’t have been a bad landing spot for her as to the ongoing depth initiative, getting more talent that can work and that has some experience, and adding a piece here and a piece there to continue to build that division.”

Despite JR perhaps favoring Trinity joining him in AEW, he would make clear his well wishes for Trinity’s time in IMPACT, saying “I’m hopeful she’ll do well.”

While Trinity no doubt had plenty options to choose from she  recently opened up regarding her move to IMPACT in an interview with Busted Open Radio, calling the promotion the “best choice” at this point in her life.

Trinity also discussed exactly how her relationship with her previous home WWE broke down and why both herself and Mercedes Mone decided to walk out of the company last year – for more on that, click this link.

Transcript courtesy of Inside The Ropes

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