AEW Name Says WWE Would Not Medically Clear Him To Compete

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

AEW Name Says WWE Would Not Medically Clear Him To Compete WWE/AEW

An AEW star has noted that one big reason that he is with the company is that WWE wouldn’t medically clear him to compete.

Find out which AEW star recently discussed having been not medically cleared to compete by WWE’s medical team despite very much wishing to continue.

JD Drake said:

“But that was also when they went through and done their medical [testing], they said I wasn’t fit to compete, that I had too many issues with my knees, and this, that, and the other [thing].

“And for lack of getting into everything I said, because it got really bad at points, I basically flipped them the bird and said, ‘Hold my beer and watch.'”

Drake said that after having a conversation with William Regal (who was still with WWE at that time,) about how doctors were giving this advice for his own good, he was still not dissuaded from in-ring competition.

Afterwards JD Drake said he called Q.T. Marshall who began booking him for matches for AEW.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc. 

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