AEW Star Compares WWE Past To Current Role

AEW Star Compares WWE Past To Current Role WWE/AEW

An AEW star has compared their time in WWE to present day, expressing gratitude and dropping a very intriguing pitch!

Vickie Guerrero is not only a current AEW star but in her own right, a wrestling legend for her previous work alongside husband, Eddie as well as after his passing.

However in a recent chat with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Vickie shared not only her gratitude for her current role in AEW but also a scintillating pitch for the future.

Vickie Guerrero said of the differences between her roles in WWE and AEW

“WWE was such a great role for me. I learned so much being a manager. Coming to AEW, I wish I had more opportunity to be in a manager role.

“I’m very grateful for Nyla [Rose] and Marina [Shafir]. We have a great time, we’re the Vicious Vixens. They’re fun to work with.

“I’ve presented ideas, I would love to manage more. This is what I do, I’m a manager. But I’m gracious for what I’m able to do now. If I was asked to do more, I would love to.

“I would love to play the cougar on AEW. There’s just so many opportunities that you can only ask and if it’s granted then, you know, I would be happy about that but for today, I’m very blessed. I work with two incredible ladies.”

Vickie Guerrero the AEW cougar, let it be spoken into existence!

Bonus points if there is some sort of satirical web series where fans get to see Vickie hosting auditions for who she will manage in aforementioned cougar role!

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Transcription via POST Wrestling

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