Aiden English reveals next chapter in Milwaukee saga

4 years ago by Nicholas Holicki

Aiden English reveals next chapter in Milwaukee saga

Viewers of SmackDown Live were treated to the “Director’s cut” of Aiden English’s debut feature film One Night in Milwaukee, which revealed more of what went down during his secret rendezvous with Lana in his hotel room.

While last week’s instalment tantalisingly ended with Lana uttering the words “I want you” to Aiden, this week provided some much needed context and an even more gripping finale to the encounter.

The segment started with Aiden in the ring providing a quick recap of what happened last week. Grinning broadly, he then proceeded to present his extended cut, which revealed that Lana was simply there to thank English on behalf of Rusev for all that he had done for her husband’s career since joining Rusev Day.

In the clip, English then touches the Ravishing Russian’s arm before suggestively leaning in, as the video once again cuts off.

This clever editing trick was all a ruse, as the ‘Shakespeare of Song’ intended to use it as blackmail to get the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ to kick his seemingly philandering wife to the curb.

However, as Rusev came out to confront his former tag team partner, he had some news of his own for the ‘Drama King’. It turns out that Aiden was the victim of an unfortunate hack – English and I use the same password apparently – and that Rusev was in possession of the complete film.

Once again turning to the screen, the critical final few seconds of Aiden’s masterpiece were played, which made it clear that Lana had quickly rebuffed English’s advances and left the room.

In the ring, an unrepentant English invited Lana to “enjoy an Aiden night”, which prompted the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ to storm the ring. English was barely able to escape the beat down, leaving this surprisingly entertaining feud to continue.

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