Becky Lynch Admits She Was Annoyed At Seth Rollins Relationship Portrayal

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Becky Lynch Admits She Was Annoyed At Seth Rollins Relationship Portrayal

The Seth Rollins is dating Becky Lynch storyline looked like an instant winner for WWE. Two of the company’s biggest stars find real life love for each other and what better way to celebrate than to exploit it on live TV.

Many fans and critics remarked on how awkward the segments between the two were, with many feeling that Rollins and Lynch were uncomfortable having their relationship broadcast so publicly.

It seems that Becky Lynch herself was also displeased with a lot of the writing surrounding the relationship, and she said as much in an interview with TalkSport radio:

Honestly, I was very apprehensive.What I didn’t want was everybody talking about the relationship. What I wanted was two bad asses, two people at the top of their game fighting side-by-side.

“Not for the world to be reminded every five minutes that this is Becky Lynch’s boyfriend or that’s Seth Rollins’ girlfriend. Which, of course, they didn’t do. They were the masters of subtlety…”

She’s got a point. It was literally impossible for a commentator or a backstage interviewer to mention one of the two stars without another saying “did you know that he/she is dating Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch?”

Thankfully it seems that the on-screen romance is over, and the two can return to having a real-life relationship like real-life people.

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