Chris Jericho Explains Why Chyna Was ‘Terrible’ To Work With

Chris Jericho Explains Why Chyna Was ‘Terrible’ To Work With WWE

Chris Jericho has recalled his Intercontinental Title program with Chyna, noting that the star was ‘terrible’ to work with

Jericho entered a feud with Chyna shortly after his WWE arrival in 1999. During their rivalry, Jericho won his first WWE title, defeating Chyna for the Intercontinental Championship at Armageddon 1999.

Speaking on the True Geordie Podcast, Jericho stated that he was in a tough position when working his feud with Chyna:

“Terrible, she was terrible to work with. She wasn’t good but she thought she was. And she was also in a position where she was being pushed really big so she could beat up guys. She couldn’t, and like I never got that credit. No one ever said I made her look good, it was the other side of the coin.

“I got in big trouble because at one point when I first started working with her, Vince said to me ‘Don’t treat her like a woman, treat her like a wrestler.’ And she was really stiff too, worked very strong. I’m not talking bad about her it is just the truth.

“When we worked together, it was a solid fight in many ways. I remember one time she got a little bit of a black eye from me, and you would have thought that I cut her arm off with a chainsaw. I’m like f**k, I didn’t do it on purpose. But what do you expect?

“It was a tough position for me to be in, it was my first real angle in the WWE, but I did the best that I could. I hope that I proved some things, but there were a lot of issues with working with her.”

Also in the interview, Jericho revealed the nickname he used to call Triple H backstage.

During Wednesday’s (July 20) Dynamite: Fyter Fest show, Jericho will compete in a Barbed Wire Everywhere Match against Eddie Kingston.

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Transcription via Inside The Ropes.

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