Current Champion In WWE Looking To Bring ‘Really Good Wrestling’ Back To Jacksonville

Current Champion In WWE Looking To Bring ‘Really Good Wrestling’ Back To Jacksonville WWE/AEW

A current champion in WWE has joked that he is looking forward to ‘bringing really good wrestling’ back to Jacksonville.

Grayson Waller captured his first Championship in his WWE career at WrestleMania 40, when he and Austin Theory became the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Waller will be looking to carry the titles into the May 17 episode of SmackDown hosted in Jacksonville, Florida, with him appearing on Going Ringside to speak about the show.

Jacksonville is notably the city where AEW is based, with Tony Khan’s father also owning the Jacksonville Jaguars, who also weren’t free from Waller’s aim.

Speaking about what WWE will bring to Jacksonville on May 17, Waller said:

“Finally, some good wrestling in Jacksonville. I feel like it’s been years since we’ve seen some really good wrestling in Jacksonville. That’s what we’re bringing back. Somehow, $20 for a ticket. I don’t know how I feel about $20 to see the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

“Right now, I feel we have the best roster in WWE history. Hands down, from the bottom to the top. The SmackDown roster is on fire. Things do feel like a new era. Cody said Renaissance Era, I think that’s the perfect name for it. The SmackDown roster fully exudes that. If you want to see a show, anyone who was at WrestleMania, Raw, SmackDown, NXT, live wrestling, there is nothing else like it.

“Now, we’re coming to Jacksonville. It’s not like you can support the Jaguars, that team sucks. Trevor Lawrence, he’s horrendous. Pretty much any sports team in Jacksonville sucks. Maybe you want to come see a real champion because you won’t be seeing one anytime soon.”

transcription via Fightful

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