Current Roman Reigns Plan For WrestleMania 39 Revealed

7 months ago by Andy Datson

Current Roman Reigns Plan For WrestleMania 39 Revealed WWE

Ever since Roman Reigns became the Tribal Chief, it has felt like just a matter of time before he takes on The Rock in a “no, I’m the head of the bloodline” match.

The most obvious location for what would be one of the biggest match of all time is WrestleMania, and it seems that WWE agrees with that statement, as Dave Meltzer is reporting in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the plan for WrestleMania 39 is still Roman Reigns vs. The Rock.

He wrote:

Reigns goes in with a two-year-run as champion. With him wrestling The Rock as the current WrestleMania plan, it doesn’t need to be a title match. But they’ve kept the title on him for so long most figured it was because they didn’t want to beat him prior to the match. The reality is that McIntyre could win, and lose it back before Mania and they could still do Reigns vs. Rock, and/or the Money in the Bank winner.

Reigns has held the Universal Championship for two years, and as Meltzer mentioned, it’s Roman vs. Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle this weekend (September 3), so there’s every chance Roman isn’t the champion by the time WrestleMania 39 comes around.

Thankfully, The Rock is The Rock, and you could have a 3 second build on NXT Level Up and it would still be a huge match.

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