Eddie Edwards Discusses Another Tag Team Run With Davey Richards (Exclusive)

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Eddie Edwards Discusses Another Tag Team Run With Davey Richards (Exclusive)

Former IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards recently spoke with WrestleTalk’s Tempest about his American Wolves reunion with Davey Richards.

The five-time TNA World Tag Team Champions and two-time ROH World Tag Team titleholders recently teamed for the first time since 2017.

During the October 30 Wrestling Revolver ‘Tales From The Ring 4’ event, The Wolves defeated Logan James and Tyler Matrix to win the PWR Tag Team Titles.

Recalling the reunion, Edwards said:

“It was cool. We’ve been in touch, we’ve talked, especially when he came back to wrestling, we knew at some point we would tag again, and it just so happened that it happened first at Revolver.

“But in the world of pro-wrestling, you never say never, and you never know what’s gonna happen. I enjoyed our first match back in however many years it was. We didn’t really miss a beat, it’s like, we’re back in there, the chemistry’s back, and it felt like we didn’t miss a step, so it was nice to be able to do that.

“And also with how we’ve both evolved over the years, we’ve both changed of course, so it’s nice to get back together, to do our tag stuff that we’ve done for so long and we did for so many years, and also mix in some new stuff that we’ve been doing recently.

“At this point we’re the Revolver Tag Team Champions, so another match is gonna happen, at least another match, and after that, who knows. I’m happy to tag with Davey any time.”

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Also in the interview, Edwards named the NJPW star he wants to square off with, and revealed that he’s excited about a new IMPACT signing.

You can watch the full interview here:

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