Eddie Kingston Shares Personal Story About His Friendship With Homicide (Exclusive)

Eddie Kingston Shares Personal Story About His Friendship With Homicide (Exclusive)

AEW star Eddie Kingston has had many allies by his side during his wrestling career, and in AEW alone. So he would be spoiled for choice as to which two men he’d win potential trios championship gold with.

In an exclusive interview on the WrestleTalk Podcast today, Eddie Kingston chatted with WrestleTalk’s own Oli Davis, Luke Owen, and Denise Salcedo about which team in AEW he would like to be ‘trios’ champions with.

When asked if he would rather team with the Lucha Brothers of Santana & Ortiz, Kingston gave a different answer, saying:

“Homicide and Moxley – That’s the team I would rather have.

That’s my mentor, that guy… since I said it in a promo, whatever I’m open, it is what it is. I hate saying promo, when I talked at NWA – a couple years ago I was suicidal and I had a knife and went to a little pond near my house and I sat there and pondered. I didn’t know if I was going to do [anything]… I was going through a lot, he knew this too because he slapped me after I told him this, but he called me and I threw the knife into the pond and I walked home, talking to him on the phone because he wanted to talk about business.

I told him years later.. the night after the concrete jungle match in impact and he got really mad, as my mentor and also he’s like an older brother to me, you know what I mean? he cared so yeah I said it in the NWA thing I didn’t tell the full story, I said when I was suicidal you know what I mean, I didn’t say the full story so there you go – Support WrestleTalk – Subscribe.”

Elsewhere in the exclusive interview, Eddie Kingston talks about his feelings about CM Punk. Continue to check back for more WrestleTalk exclusives with Kingston at WrestleTalk.com.

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