Former WWE Star Wants To Fight Jake And Logan Paul

Former WWE Star Wants To Fight Jake And Logan Paul

For better or worse, people care when Jake Paul and Logan Paul step into a boxing ring. After Nate Robinson got knocked out by Jake Paul, people are lining up to show that they can do better. That includes former WWE star and current Impact wrestler Heath Slater.

The man currently known as simply Heath sat down with Jared Myers to chat about wrestling when he was asked about challenging the YouTube brothers. In short, he said he would be up for it if he had six months to train. Here is the quote:

“Honestly if they gave me probably about six months of legit training and after my surgery hell yeah I’ll get in ther for the right amount of money. That’s a fact. That’s a 100% fact. If the money is right and they wanna go, let’s do it. But, I’m not in boxing shape right now, I’ll tell you right now. I can’t even run…

…I do think it’s amazing though. With Logan calling out [Floyd] Mayweather and Mayweather taking it I’m literally like ‘bro, Logan you’re literally fighting Mayweather, the best boxer in the world pretty much. This is amazing. Congratulations.’ I would go in there and get my ass beat too. Even like with Jake wanting to fight [Conor] McGregor, I’ll shake his hand but bro, yes, that’s cool! But, if the money is right, I’d go in there and get my ass beat too.”

Heath Slater is currently recovering after injuring his abductor muscle in 2020. He had been released by WWE on Black Wednesday and arrived in Impact with a number of other former WWE stars in July.

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