Further Confirmation Of Discontent Among AEW Roster

7 months ago by SP3

Further Confirmation Of Discontent Among AEW Roster AEW

There has been further confirmation of discontent growing among AEW roster.

Unhappiness among AEW wrestlers has become a hot topic of discussion following reports of CM Punk and Hangman Page’s real life heat crossed over onto television on last week’s Dynamite.

In the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that several stars in All Elite Wrestling had reached their “breaking point” behind the scenes.

On Twitter, Meltzer has further confirmed the discontent among the roster. He replied to a Twitter user who said that he previously said there was nothing to report about the rumor of discontent before both Konnan and Bobby Fish recently commented on it.

Meltzer replied with the following:

I’ve gone public for the past week plus on this very subject. There is always some but it has grown last few weeks.

As previously mentioned, CM Punk has addressed the rumors of his unhappiness with All Elite Wrestling in a new interview, which you can read about here.

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