Hilarious WWE Entrance Botch On SmackDown

Hilarious WWE Entrance Botch On SmackDown WWE

Ahead of tonight’s main event on WWE SmackDown, there was a hilarious botch during the entrance which yet again proves who runs WWE.

It is Mami, Rhea Ripley of course!

Ahead of Bianca Belair’s big title bout against Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship, while her entrance music seemed cued properly, eagle eyed fans noticed one big mistake.

The entrance graphics at the beginning of the entrance were actually for Rhea Ripley’s entrance as black graphics reading “BRUTALITY” were shown before Bianca’s signature pink entrance video.

At WWE’s recent premium live event, Money in the Bank, ring announcer Samantha Irvin inadvertently announced Bayley as a member of “Judgment Day”, a slip of the tongue she also blamed on the wily ways of Mami.

Eventually it was a bit more chaos than brutality that broke out to conclude the match as Bianca and Asuka were mid-Championship fight when Belair delivered a big K.O.D. on Asuka on the announcer’s table.

While this activated Bayley and IYO SKY as well as Charlotte Flair who were sitting on opposite sides with their ‘purchased ringside seats’ to join the competitors closer to the ring.

After a melee ensued, Charlotte speared Bianca causing the disqualification and thereby costing Bianca her title shot.

However when that pair took themselves out, IYO SKY noticed Asuka was still down and out and attempted to have Bayley cash in her Money in the Bank contract.

However, Asuka would spring back to life and deliver the mist to Bayley, in an apparent prevention of the cash-in.

Albeit a bit since referee Jessika Carr assisted in the stalling efforts, debating with Bayley about the cash-in until Asuka got into position however Asuka then grabbed her title belt and dashed away, leaving a frustrated IYO SKY shouting her down in the ring.

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3 months ago by Amanda Savage



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