Jeff Hardy Reveals Why He Said ‘F**k WWE’

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Jeff Hardy Reveals Why He Said ‘F**k WWE’ WWE

The WWE release of Jeff Hardy in December remains a mystery, but Hardy knows why he feels upset on how everything went down.

In an interview with YouTuber Jared Myers, Hardy revealed his issues with WWE after the way they released him and also believing he will be back someday.

When asked about a potential WWE return, Jeff answered:

“Hopefully yeah, I would love to go back. They released me and tried to make me go to rehab but I’m just so over it. My dream match was with Roman Reigns, I’ve talked about that many times but then I said, ‘So you want me to go away for like 28 days just to save my job?’ No.

“You know what’s important to me? Family. My two daughters, my wife, they believe in me. F**k WWE man. It’s like a private, personal thing. I’m not going to f**king go to rehab. If they believe in me, that’s all that matters, my wife and my two girls.”

At the time of his release, reports circulated that Hardy was asked to attend rehab after strange behavior during a live event. When Jeff refused, the company released him.

Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy came to his defense and claimed that Jeff was healthy. Matt also revealed Jeff’s drug test came back negative and WWE offered him a Hall of Fame spot for their mistake.

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy also said that he is coming to AEW in this same interview, but has since backtracked somewhat on that comment.

We’ll update you on the latest with Jeff Hardy when they become available.

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