Jim Ross’ Regret in Missing Jerry Lawler’s Phone Call

4 years ago by WrestleTalk

Jim Ross’ Regret in Missing Jerry Lawler’s Phone Call

Speaking on The Ross Report, Jim Ross opened up about the passing of his friend Jerry Lawler’s son, Brian Christopher Lawler.

In the episode aired on the August 1, Jim tackled the recent deaths of Brickhouse Brown, Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Lawler.

Speaking at the very start of the show, JR revealed that Jerry Lawler had tried to call him on the July 29, but due to Ross being in London at the time, the time difference meant he was asleep. JR said that he would always regret missing that call.

“I was in London, the King called me in the middle of the night and for what ever reason I had turned my phone on vibrate and it was on a desk across from where I was sleeping and I never heard the phone ring so I missed that call. I’ll always regret that.”

Later in the podcast Jim had the following to say regarding the treatment of Brian while in custody:

“He was in solitary confinement for a DUI. I never quite understood the reason for that. I understand getting incarcerated for DUI, or any other crime, I get that. But solitary confinement? Unless they are going to say it was for his own protection, I don’t know. “

Echoing statements made by others, Jim questionned the actions of the Herdeman County Sheriffs Office in placing Brian in solitary confinement:

“It seems to me, at the king said this week, there may be more to this than meets the eye, who knows?”


JR went on to praise the late super star saying he was a natural performer with great timing:

“Grandmaster Sexay was a talented performer folks, he really was a legit chip of the old block when it came to his bell to bell skills. Really talented kid, great timing, natural timing, did things with out having been taught or reiterated, just a natural performer.”

JR continued, speaking about calling Brian’s matches with his friend Jerry Lawler:

“I loved calling his matches with the king during the Attitude Era… I always had fun hinting that Grandmaster Sexay was the king’s son, good ol’ days.”

Jim closed the segment by sending his heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased wrestlers.


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