John Silver Reveals Which Dinosaur Best Fits Each Member Of The Dark Order

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

John Silver Reveals Which Dinosaur Best Fits Each Member Of The Dark Order AEW

John Silver made his triumphant return to Twitch tonight and amongst a variety of compelling topics, he assigned dinosaur types to the members of the Dark Order.

While the point of his stream was to discuss some of his favorite Adam Sandler movies, Silver eventually veered off into a discussion of a prehistoric sort.

After taking some heat in the chat for having knocked on the triceratops (which in fairness, was not untrue, as Silver noted that the T-Rex is more of ‘a star’ than the triceratops) he went on to note which dinosaur he would assign to some of his fellow Dark Order pals.

Silver revealed that 10 would be a T-Rex, Evil Uno a triceratops and Alex Reynolds, a stegasaurus.

As for Anna Jay, Silver says she is “probably a pterodactyl,” but also did not feel confident in her abilities to survive in any sort of real life dinosaur encounter, saying that if she were at Jurassic Park she would “definitely” be eaten.

He says he is himself, a raptor.

On the subject of another dinosaur, Luchasaurus when Silver was asked if he was afraid of that newly heel turned dino, Silver kept non-committal on the fear aspect but replied:

“He’s got cool all black gear now so I like that.”

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John Silver is currently 16-8-0 in 2022 competition and is scheduled to compete in this Friday’s 20 man Royal Rampage match to win the future opportunity to face Interim AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley.

You can check out all of the win/loss records for the entire male AEW locker room by clicking here. 

Spoiler alert – if you can’t wait until Friday night to watch the pre-taped show, you can get spoilers about Rampage here.

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