AEW Rampage Hosts Bloody Battle Between Jon Moxley & Sammy Guevara

AEW Rampage Hosts Bloody Battle Between Jon Moxley & Sammy Guevara AEW

During tonight’s edition of AEW Rampage, as promised via spoilers from the night of the taping, Sammy Guevara and Jon Moxley had a bloody battle.

While the match was hard hitting throughout, it will likely be most memorable for several gruesome spots.

Including but not limited to Sammy Guevara seemingly ripping Jon Moxley’s ear nearly off of his body via an earring tug that Tony Schiavone on commentary likened to a similar scene of Cactus Jack in the early nineties.

Also, copious amounts of playing in Moxley’s blood was done by Guevara, then his lovely bride Tay Melo who got in on the action by slapping Mox’s bloody face and showing the camera her covered hand.

Shortly thereafter, Guevara exited the ring with apparently Moxley’s blood all over his mouth and teeth (from biting him) and then kissed Melo.

The shocking sights ended with Jon Moxley getting the pinfall victory over Sammy Guevara.

After the match, Hangman Adam Page ran out to confront Mox as promised and with many security guards attempting to stop him, initiated a Buckshot Lariat but then instead of wiping out Mox, he took out a security guard!

You can check out all the details from the rest of AEW Rampage this week by clicking here. 

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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