Kazuchika Okada On Living In The United States: ‘It Was Hell’

Kazuchika Okada On Living In The United States: ‘It Was Hell’

Kazuchika Okada has come a long way since his days in America. Now, the top star in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Okada has taken a look back on his time in the United States.

In a recent interview with njpw1972.com, Okada said his time in America was Hell. Here is the full quote:

“I can just about muddle through. I tried to study [Spanish], but when I actually got over there, there wasn’t much time for anything but wrestling. Plus, I knew a few Japanese wrestlers in the area, too. What I would actually do to study was walk around the neighborhood with a dictionary on me, and listen to the people on the street, then try and look up what they said.”

“I didn’t have anyone to talk to. And I had computer problems. I had one old one, and one I bought special to take to America, and they both broke, within about a month of me arriving in the States. It was hell. I didn’t know anybody nearby. The other wrestlers would only be around if they had matches. Every day I would be going to the gym by myself, going shopping by myself, and then going home, and that was it. I’d be going to the gym and just working out in silence and then coming home, putting the TV on and having no clue what anybody was saying. I’d be so bored sometimes I’d talk to myself in the mirror (laughs).”

Okada wrestled for TNA as part of his excursion. He was used historically bad in a move that soured New Japan’s relationship with the promotion.

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