Kenny Omega Wants To Face A WWE Champion

4 years ago by Pete Quinnell

Kenny Omega Wants To Face A WWE Champion

Kenny Omega, the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, NJPW stalwart and not-Bullet Club member, has taken to Twitter to show his interest in wrestling a certain champion in WWE. And it’s not who you’d expect.

A fan tweeted stating how impressed he’d been with current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy, comparing him to Kenny Omega. Omega then responded to the fan, indicating his interest in doing battle with the champion.

Murphy himself then got in on the action, echoing his interest in doing battle with the IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

Once again, the Twitterverse has shown me a match I didn’t know I wanted until now. There’s no doubt with Murphy’s huge improvements in recent times and Omega’s years of experience behind him, the two would put on a stellar encounter.

Where would this hypothetical encounter take place? In a WWE ring? Could Murphy jump ship to NJPW? WrestleMania? Wrestle Kingdom? Who can say. But either way, if this match does happen at some point, there’s no doubt it would be a great one.

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