Kofi Kingston breaks all-time record

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Kofi Kingston breaks all-time record

Kofi Kingston has broken Billy Gunn’s longstanding record for cumulative days spent holding a Tag Team title in WWE.

The WWE India Twitter account congratulated Kofi on reaching the milestone 954 days, ahead of Gunn’s previous record by one day and counting.

Kofi has held tag team championship gold with CM Punk (47 days), Evan Bourne (146 days), R-Truth (139 days) and current partners Xavier Woods and Big E of New Day (623 days).

He looks set to become the first ever WWE wrestler to surpass 1000 days as a tag champion and one of very few to boast 1000 cumulative days with any title.

All-Time Tag Team Champions

1. Kofi Kingston 954*

2. Billy Gunn 953

3. Mr. Fuji 932

4. Demolition (Ax and Smash) 698

5. John Morrison 646

6. Big E / Xavier Woods 623

7. Johnny Valiant 600

8. Tony Garea 597

9. The Usos 587

Kofi still has someway to go before he can match up with some of the seemingly unbreakable all-time WWE records, such as Bruno Sammartino’s 4,040 days as WWE Champion but he has plenty of time yet to at least come close.

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