Latest WWE Thoughts On CM Punk Revealed?

5 months ago by Liam Winnard

Latest WWE Thoughts On CM Punk Revealed? WWE

Just in case there was still any doubt, last night’s AEW Dynamite saw possibly the biggest indication yet that CM Punk is out of AEW.

That indication was the return of Colt Cabana, who had been absent from the promotion since Punk’s arrival, and instead signed to a Ring Of Honor contract.

Cabana returned as the mystery challenger for Chris Jericho’s ROH World Championship, and although Jericho retained, the fact Cabana returned was very significant.

WrestleVotes reported on Twitter:

Colt Cabana showing up on Dynamite last night didn’t go unnoticed in Stamford. That’s all I’ll say on that right now…

Obviously that’s a rather vague comment, but the implication would seem to be that WWE is well aware that Punk is going to be available to bring in should the company want to do so.

WrestleVotes had previously reported via GiveMeSport that WWE Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque’s stance on wanting nothing to do with Punk had “softened”, and it’s definitely a case of “never say never” as to whether WWE would be interested in Punk.

Of course the interest would have to go both ways, and there have been conflicting comments from people who know Punk.

There are those who expect him to be done with wrestling completely now, and some who say he’s ‘got the wrestling bug’ and could continue in the business beyond AEW.

Punk won’t be able to wrestle for a while anyway due to suffering a torn tricep at All Out in his final AEW match, but, depending on a non-compete clause that could be built in to his reported AEW buyout, WWE could still sign him for a non-wrestling role in the meantime before he’s ready to actually get back in the ring.

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