AEW X NJPW Live Results Forbidden Door

AEW X NJPW Live Results Forbidden Door AEW

The day has finally arrived. The Forbidden Door is set to be slammed open tonight, with 12 matches featuring competitors from both AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

We are also set to crown an interim AEW World Champion on tonight’s show. The full card is as followed:

  • Interim AEW World Championship – Jon Moxley vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship – Jay White (c) vs. Adam Page vs. Kazuchika Okada vs. Adam Cole
  • ROH Tag Team & IWGP Tag Team Championship Winner Takes All – FTR (ROH) vs. United Empire (IWGP) vs. Roppongi Vice
  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship – Miro vs. Pac vs. Malakai Black vs. Clark Connors
  • IWGP United States Championship – Will Ospreay (c) vs. Orange Cassidy
  • AEW Women’s World Championship – Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Toni Storm
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs. ???
  • Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki vs. Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta & Shota Umino
  • The Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & the Young Bucks) vs. Dudes With Attitudes (Sting, Darby Allin & Shingo Takagi)
  • Buy-In: The Gunn Club & Max Caster vs. Yuya Uemura, Alex Coughlin, The DKC & Kevin Knight
  • Buy-In: Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  • Buy-In: The Factory (QT Marshall & Aaron Solo) vs. Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI

Interim AEW World Championship - Jon Moxley vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

This match is starting off much like the women’s match. For as good as he’s been for as long as he’s been. He starts off by putting Moxley in a headlock. At this point, Tanahashi starts off with a lot of rest holds.

Moxley sets him and hits a superplex in the corner. Piledriver. Tanahashi near fall. We get our second you f’ed up chant of the night. Another moment where the ref appeared to count 3. Tanahashi hits High Fly Flow on Moxley who is outside now.

Moxley and Tanahashi trade blows again. Moxley starts off in control, but it didn’t last for long. Tanahashi is back in control.

Moxley puts Tanahashi through the time-keeper’s table.  Moxley sits in the corner hoping without the girls. Now both men are on the outside. We are up to an 8…both men are back in.

Moxley gets busted open. He gets to the outside. Tanahashii struggles to get to his feet, but eventually does.  The final stretch appears to be upon us. Tanahashi hits High Fly Flow. It’s not enough. Moxley locks in the Bulldog Choke.

Now Mox goes for another cover. Tanahashi kicks out at 1. Moxley locks in the Bulldog Choke. It looks like Tanahashi is out, but he gets back up. Moxley hits Death Rider. He makes the cover and gets the win.

Moxley looks like a bloody mess. That match was great. Moxley is the new Interim AEW Champion. WE’ll see what happens when CM Punk comes back.

All in all a very entertaining pay-per-view. I could have done with a few less matches and for it have been down about 45 minutes ago. It’s still good though. It didn’t drag or lag. It’s just 5 hours is long no matter how good.

After the match, Moxley and Tanahashi share words after the match. Jericho and Garcie come down to the ring and attack Tanahashi. They start beating up both men.

Jericho Appreciation Society attack everyone. Claudio comes out last. He cleans house. LAX direct him to hit uppercuts on everyone and then hits the big swing on Angelo.

See you for Blood and Guts on Wednesday.


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship - Jay White (c) vs. Adam Page vs. Kazuchika Okada vs. Adam Cole

Who will walk out as champ in this one? Man, I hate the new IWGP title. The old one was probably my favorite in wrestling. This match should be incredible. It will also be hard to call as the match goes on. I’ll be doing most of the highlights as they come. The crowd is going bonkers. Right as the action is to get started, Jay White leaves the ring. This prompts Adam Cole to roll out, too.

Cole and White team up. They hit a double stalling suplex on Page. That was rough.

Each man hits their signature moves. Page hits his fall away slam. We get a beautiful drop kick from Okada. His is one of the best, if not the best, in wrestling. At one point, he dives over the guardrail and lands on Cole and White.

Now, Okada, White, and Cole are back in the ring. White and Cole decide to team up to beat up Okada, but Cole double-crosses him immediately. Cole and White are now fighting.

White hits Sleeper Snap Suplexes on each of the other 3 men. They each hit big moves. Cole hits The Boom, but he didn’t take his knee pad off. Okada with a drop kick. Page with a lariat.

We then get fighting spirit with all 4 men. Okada and Page are the yays! White and Cole are the boos. Eventually, Cole and White poke the eyes at the same time.

Page hits a Powerbomb. White barely gets the shoulder up. Hangman goes to the outside to setup for the Buckshot. Cole pulls him down. Page goes to the corner. He hits the huge super-Moonsault. Now, Buckshot. Nope. Gedo breaks it up. Finally, he hits it on White after about 20 tries. Okada breaks up the pin.

Page and Okada trade forearms. Page gets the advantage. He goes for the Buckshot again. Cole pulls him off again. Cole goes for Panama Sunrise. He doesn’t get it. Okada hits the Air Raid Siren.

Cole hits superkicks on Page and Okada. Okada hits multiple dropkicks on Cole. Okada goes for the Rainmaker but misses. White hits Blade Runner on Okada. Okada rolls out. Jay White covers Adam Cole and gets the win.

That seemed odd. After the match, Adam Cole was down on the mat. The Young Bucks and Kyle O’Reilly come down to check on Cole. White walks out. Everyone looks confused. They go to check on Page, but Kyle O’Reilly pulls them back.

During the replay, it appears Cole tried to kick out, but he did not in time. The ref counted 3. I can never tell if that was planned. However, commentary seemed off and after the replays really tried to sell an injury. They didn’t sell it during the match which makes me think he may have be out in the ring. Cole was able to walk out on his own.



Zack Sabre Jr vs. ???

Who will replace Danielson? It’s Claudio!!! Claudio Castagnoli is here. If you are sure, that’s Cesaro. After an incredible pop, Claudio hits a running European Uppercut. He hits the Ricola Bomb. 2 count!

Now let the fun begin. This seems like a good signing. I have to say though, AEW’s roster is bloated. Where will Claudio fall in?

I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of Sabre Jr. As the match goes on, Claudio uses his strength and explosiveness to counter the technical ability of Sabre. I’m not sure Danielson told the complete truth. Claudio isn’t technical in the sense of a mat technician. He is however a genetic specimen like very few.

He hits a lot of strikes, but we move into Sabre Jr doing what he does. He works over the arms. He then works over joints and fingers. He then does his transitioning submissions. He locks in an arm bar, but Claudio goes to the outside. Sabre holds on. Claudio just decides to power him up. He walks him up the ramp while still in the arm bar. He just throws him in the ring.

Some more submissions by Sabre, Jr. Claudio unleashes a bunch of uppercuts. He keeps going for the big swing, but Sabre, Jr. avoids it each time. ZSJ is now allowing Claudio to hit him with uppercut after uppercut.

All those shots are leading to ZSJ setting a trap. He locks in another armbar. Claudio is on his knees. ZSJ hits his own version of the Yes Kicks. Cesaro catches the last one. He hits another uppercut. He hits the Ricola Bomb. 3 count!

Claudio gets the win. He picks up the big victory over Sabre, Jr. JR says Claudio is a professional wrestler and not a sports entertainer. Claudio will be appearing in Blood and Guts on Wednesday. Apparently, Kingston and Claudio do not get along. That should be interesting to watch.

IWGP United States Championship - Will Ospreay (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Hey, if you’re going to bring Jim Ross out for a match on this card, of course it would be Orange Cassidy vs. Will Ospreay. This match is starting off a lot like PAC and Orange which is still the best Orange match in AEW.

They both take turns being athletic as crap. At the end, Orange does the Ospreay pose but adds a Thumb’s Up. He then sends Ospreay to the outside. Orange looks like he’s going to do a big dive to the outside. Instead, he stops and does a very slow, toddler-like back roll. He does the Ospreay pose again. That got a loud laugh from me.

This just pisses off Ospreay. Ospreay hits a bunch of big moves. He does the run around the ring and gets the Roller Derby launch from Aussie Open. He lands hard on Orange and then continues to beat him up for the next 5-10 minutes.

Eventually, Ospreay goes for the Blade and Cassidy just drops. After repeated kicks to the head, Cassidy gets pissed. He hits his own version of the lazy kicks to the head. Cassidy is fired up and takes out Ospreay with the Stun Dog Millionaire. He hits a Spinning DDT. He hits a Suicide Dive on Ospreay. He hits a Whisper in the Wind on Aussie Open.

Eventually, Ospreay hits the Spinning Spanish Fly. You have to give it to Kevin Kelly working in NJPW storylines and reasons to tune in. The AEW guys just keep ignoring it. Ole JR says let’s just talk about the match in the ring. LOL.

Cassidy hits a Beach Break and gets a 2.99999 count. Orange goes for the Orange Punch. Catches a cutter instead. Os-Cutter. Back and forth leads to the Hidden Blade. That’s gotta be it. NO!!! Cassidy kicks out. Ospreay hits Storm Breaker. He finally gets the win.

THAT MATCH RULED. That was awesome. Cassidy hung with Ospreay’s athleticism every step of the way. United Impire starts to rip the pockets out of his jeans. Aussie Open goes to drill Cassidy, but Roppongi Vice makes the save. Well, for now. They get beat up rather quickly. Shibata comes down and takes out Aussie Open.

Shibata beats up everyone. He eventually locks in the Rear Naked Choke and Aussie Open pulls him out. Shibata and Orange go face to face. Orange puts his sunglasses on Shibata. Then gives the crowd the thumbs up.

Shibata called Orange back in the ring. He just wanted to clap. I thought they were going to hug.

AEW Women's World Championship - Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Toni Storm

Thunder Rosa is channeling her inner Mayan Queen. Rosa needs to win this one. AEW has to let Rosa get a big win as champion. I feel like it was too early for Storm to challenge. However, the problem is they just don’t have anyone to build.

This match is starting off slow. You can feel the crowd anticipating the eventual build-up. I really hope this match isn’t a crowd killer. So far, the crowd is into it, but if they go to slow at first, they may lose them.

These two women are really good, but this match doesn’t have the same sort of intrigue as the others. It feels like we’re getting a storyline in the midst of a house show.

Here we go. Storm hits a German on the apron. She follows up with a Tornado DDT on the floor. Back in the ring, Storm hits a huge Hip Attack. Another DDT. JR would have a heart attack that they didn’t finish the match.

Thunder Rosa eventually fights back. She hits a Death Valley Driver. She hits Fire Thunder Driver. Storm kicks out. Rosa has to use Dustin Rhodes finisher to finally put her away. She hits Final Reckoning.

Rosa is still the AEW Women’s Champion. After the match, she shows Toni Storm respect by shaking her hand. That was as good of an AEW Women’s Traditional Match as we’ve seen. Kudos to both women.


The Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & the Young Bucks) vs. Dudes With Attitudes (Sting, Darby Allin & Shingo Takagi)

This is a really odd pairing. The Young Bucks were never in the Bullet Club at the same time as ELP. To my knowledge, Shingo and Darby have nothing in common. They could have done something better than this. I would have preferred GOD vs. The Young Bucks.

Hmm. Sting didn’t come out when introduced. The Young Bucks are out with their old gear.

The lights cut out. The camera cuts to the catwalk. Lights go out again. Sting dives from the top of the tunnel and takes out Bullet Club. Sting and Shingo play copycat in the ring and beat up ELP.

This show has a feel of a combination of All In and the G1 Supercards. The commentary points out this is the first time Darby Allin and The Young Bucks are together in the ring.

We get a wonderful back rake spot. The Young Bucks were the originators, but ELP has taken it to a new level. ELP and The Young Bucks are a match made in Heaven.

After a bunch of shenanigans from Bullet Club, Shingo gets in and beats up The Young Bucks. He tags in Sting. Sting and ELP face off. ELP gives Sting a Titty Twister. Sting no sells. Sting boinks his nose. Allin hits a flippy Stunner. Hikuleo gets involved allowing The Young Bucks throw a Superkick Party. Sting no sells a double superkick.

After some more craziness, Sting catches a Triple Super Kick. Sting and ELP are in the ring alone. Sting seems to get confused and just leaves for a second. He turns around and gets back in. He gives ELP his own purple nurples. Hikuleo is on the apron. Sting kicks him in the ding ding. Shing ultimately hits the Last of The Dragon.

Shingo, Stingo, and Darby get the win. So far, this pay-per-view has been nuts. There’s no storylines really, but the matches are delivering. It really does remind me of Allin in that way.

For some reason, Jericho fireballs Shota Umino.


AEW All-Atlantic Championship - Miro vs. Pac vs. Malakai Black vs. Clark Connors

I’m not sure who is going to win this one, but I’m fairly certain it won’t be Clark Conners. Although, they always say pick the replacement. In this case, I don’t think that would be smart money.

Based on the way AEW books, I think PAC or Miro need the title the most. So, I’m guessing it will be Black. Conners keeps going after Miro, but he’s not having much luck. Maybe he should go after Pac or Black.

In a feud that never ends, PAC and Black pair off and continue to fight. Miro is dominating early on. He clears the ring and then just destroys Conners for a while.

At one point, Miro and Black argue over who gets to beat up PAC. They even both grab an arm and try to pull him in opposite directions. Miro and Black eventually fight each other. Miro discards Black. He now turns his attention to PAC. Of all the guys who AEW took from WWE after they left, Miro has had the biggest transition. He’s a completely different character and is the guy we all wanted him to be. A lot of the other guys are more or less the same characters who either go over or didn’t in WWE.

Seriously, Clark. STOP ATTACKING MIRO.

Black gets a table out. He can’t put Miro through it. PAC tries. Nope. Clark Conners is the one to do it. He spears Miro through the table. Clark gets a little offense in. He takes down Black. He hits the Troply Shot on PAC. Black breaks it up at the last second. The crowd is behind him now.

Uh-Oh. He falls down in the corner. PAC is going for Black Arrow. Black knocks him down onto the turnbuckle. Now, we get the Tower of Doom. Miro throws out Conners. He throws out Black. Miro with the Thrust Kick on PAC. He locks in Game Over on PAC. He is about to tap. PAC touches the rope. Miro locks it in again. Black Spits in Miro’s face.

Black goes for an Arm Bar. He can’t get it. PAC with a 450 Splash. He locks in the Brutalizer on Conners who taps immediately.

PAC is the new All-Atlantic Champion. That match was great one. Miro looks great. He gets the Black Mist and is protected. Smart. Black finally gets beaten by PAC. PAC finally wins a title. We are going to get Black vs. Miro. That’s good. Who’s next for PAC? Probably, Andrade or someone. Either way, that was a smartly booked match.

ROH Tag Team & IWGP Tag Team Championship Winner Takes All - FTR (ROH) vs. United Empire (IWGP) vs. Roppongi Vice

This will be a good one. FTR is over. If FTR captures the IWGP titles, then they will have won NXT, Raw, SmackDown, AEW, ROH, AAA, and IWGP titles. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Uh-oh. Dax Harwood gets taken to the back. I’m not sure if that was kayfabe or not, but Wheeler is all on his own. Based on the commentary, I think it was a work, but I never know.

Man, we get a butt shot from the post-cam while O-Khan is sitting on Wheeler’s head. I’m glad they didn’t have that angle during Rikishi’s run.

Roppongi Vice are on a run. They hit a nice double team move, but Khan kicks out at 2.

Dax is back. If he is/was hurt, he seems to be okay. His shoulder is taped up. Doesn’t seem to be slowing him down at all. He’s able to hit German Suplexes on Cobb. Even if he is hurt, he’s fighting through it. I think based on commentary the idea is to put him over for his toughness.

Trent and Dax hit a double Superplex on Cobb. Wheeler hits the big splash. 2 count. Near fall. Rocky and Cash hit a Spike Piledriver. Here we go. This the portion of the match where all 6 men take turns hitting big move after big move.

O-Khan and Cobb hit their finisher, but Berretta kicks out. Roppongi Vice hits the assisted Storm Zero and that’s it! No, Wheeler breaks it up.

At one point, the ref should have counted to 3, but didn’t. That gets a You F’ed Up chant. In the end, FTR hits the Big Rig. They get the win. FTR are now the IWGP Tag Champions.

Kevin Kelly is so good. I like that guy.


Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki vs. Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta & Shota Umino

Sammy is back with Jericho and the crowd still loves to sing Judas. Tay Conti is with the JAS tonight. The crowd is going to get to keep singing with Suzuki coming out next.

Umino, Wheeler Yuta, and Eddie Kingston are their opponents. Kingston is out last. That dude is over. He reminds me of a modern day Cactus Jack. He’s able to get over using his words and is just crazy enough in the ring to make it work.

Jericho palm faces Yuta. Yuta slaps him. Yuta then hits about 5 or 6 German Suplexes. He hits an Angle style slam and then locks in a crossface. Sammy breaks it up and all hell breaks loose.

We end up with Sammy and Yuta in the ring. Never thought about that as a feud I wanted, but now I do. They have great chemistry and play off of each other’s styles really well.

Shooter Umino is in. Helooks like a young Tanahashi. They do a nice job of the callback to when Jericho beat him up. Umino was Moxley’s Young Boy. They battle for a minute and then Kingston is in. Jericho wants out and he tags in Suzuki.

Suzuki and Kingston exchange the fighting spirit chops. You know Eddie is eating this up. Kingston wins the chop battle and sends Suzuki into the corner. Eddie does the machine gun chops, but they don’t work. Suzuki just eats them and then boom. Forearm. Kingston is down.

Jericho thinks they have the advantage and tags back in, but Kingston just beats him up. This match is getting chaotic and hard to keep up with. All I can say is I had no expectations for this one, but dang, it is delivering.

Everyone is doing dives. Kingston goes and hits a suicide dive. All have gone but Suzuki. He acts like he’s going to dive, but he doesn’t.  I have no idea what to write. Sammy hits a Spanish Fly. Kingston locked in a Choke. Suzuki breaks it up. Sammy hits a Springboard cutter. Yuta with a massive splash.

Umino is in. Jericho goes for the Walls. Umino counters. Jericho with a Codebreaker. Umino hits an Avalanche Powerslam from the second rope. Kingston and Suzuki are battling on the outside. Sammy and Yuta are paired off. Umino off the ropes and he gets hit in the back with a bat. He ducks the Judas Effect. Brainbuster. 1…2… No. Jericho kicks out. Now, Umino locks in the Walls of Jericho.

Suzuki hits the headbutt on Umino to break it up. Gotch Style Piledriver on Kingston. Now, Umino is battling 3 on 1. He catches a Judas Effect and wins. WHAT A MATCH!!!

You had to think the bad guys were winning to get the advantage, but I thought it was over about 3 times. Holy cow. That was fun.


The Gunn Club & Max Caster vs. Yuya Uemura, Alex Coughlin, The DKC & Kevin Knight

The best part of this one may very well be Caster’s rap. Nope. It was Danhausen playing the Ass Boys theme song. The baby Gunn’s left Daddy and Caster all on their own. The LA Dojo team attack 4 on 2.

Coughlin is the only graduate of the 4. He starts us off. Kevin Knight is in next. They all are working over Caster. Uemura is in and he is impressive. DKC is in and he is the unlucky one. He gets in and Caster is able to get the hot tag to Billy Gunn.

Gunn takes everyone out. He hits a bunch of power moves and Caster hits the Mic Drop. Caster makes the pin and gets the win.

That was a very busy buy-in. Pretty much an excellent version of Rampage.

Now let the fun begin.

Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Well, I think AEW should get on the board with this one. Lee and Strickland should pick up the win, if they can stay on the same page. That’s a big if as of late.

Lee and Swerve fist bump and all seems well on the way to the ring. Desperado and Kanemaru are out. Desperado is a flexible man. He does his full split on his way into the ring like Melina used to do.

Lee is still very, very over with the crowd. 3 out of the 4 guys are Jr. Heavyweights. In a nice little humorous opening, Keith Lee goes for the test of strength. Kanemaru goes to the corner and stands in the corner putting his hand up.

Desperado and Kanemaru are going to work over the legs. They get Swerve in the ring and he appears to be the major focus of the team. Swerve makes the tag. Miscommunication between Swerve and Lee leads to Swerve kicking Lee in the knee.

The NJPW team then turn their focus to Lee’s legs. They are really working over Lee. He slaps them from his knees and goes for a Spirit Bomb, but the Suzuki-Gun guys take out the leg.

Eventually, Swerve gets the hot tag. He takes out Desperado. Suzuki-Gun battles back. They work over Swerve and he tags back in Lee. Lee is hurting from getting crotched on the rope. They then work over his knee.

Kanemaru locks in a Figure 4 on Lee, amazingly. Desperado hits the Stretch Muffler on Strickland. He gets to close to Lee. Lee grabs Desperado and throws him onto Kanemaru. Lee breaks it up. Another Spirit Bomb attempt and another fail. This leads to an incredible final minute of action. Swerve hits a thrust kick which leads to a double stomp on the outside where Desperado was hung over the apron. Lee hits the Big Bang Catastrophe. That does it. Lee and Swerve win.

After the match, Starks and Hobbs call themselves Pippen and Jordan. They want to know how Lee and Swerve can be the best team when they haven’t beaten them.

Damn, AEW moves fast. It’s hard to keep up with this event.

Nick Comoroto vs. Lance Archer

The Factory is getting a lot of screen time on this one. I think Archer is getting the win and NJPW should be up 2-0 after this one. Just when I’m about to write that Archer looks like he might have lost a step, he goes and does a moonsault off the top rope. Comoroto is holding his own in this one.

Kevin Kelly is doing a great job of putting over how this match is going to be a great warm-up for Archer for the G1 Climax. Archer catches Comoroto with a big knee to Comoroto who was on the top rope.

Archer follows up with the Blackout. That was a quick match, but the right man went over. Archer looked fairly dominant. I’m not sure how much he’s been wrestling, but he does look like he has a bit of ring rust. Nonetheless, the match was entertaining with two big boys going at it.

The Factory vs. Hirooki Goto and Yoshi-Hashi

QT Marshall and Aaron Solo will be wrestling against Goto and Yoshi-Hashi. The crowd is excited to get the show on the road. The Buy-In will be featuring Excalibur, Kevin Kelly, and Taz. This has the potential to be one of the best 3 man booths ever.

After some strong style slaps and offense from the NJPW guys, QT Marshall tries to hit the QT Special. He’s not quite as light on his feet as he was. He managed to make it, but just barely.

Goto battles back and unleashes a nasty lariat. He makes the tag to Yoshi-Hashi. He comes in and takes it to QT Marshall. Marshall is covered. Solo breaks it up. He then hits a beautiful dive to the outside. Man, Solo is a lot better than the last time I saw him wrestle. Marshall and Solo hit discus kicks. Marshall with Diamond Cutter. It’s over. Nope. Goto breaks it up.

Marshall misses a 450 splash. Yes, QT Marshall did a 450 splash. This allows them to get Aaron all on his own. You might even say he was going it solo. Goto and Yoshi-Hashi hit the finish and pick up the win.

That’s 1 for NJPW. It’s the one night a year where NJPW and AEW guys face off in direct competition. Oh wait. Wrong company.

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Forbidden Door

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