WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 27, 2018

4 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 27, 2018


Becky Lynch.

Charlotte Flair.


Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

Yes please. Yes please a lot.

Asuka wins a really fun Battle Royal to close the show, and yes, that TLC match sounds very, very good indeed.

Not a groundbreaking episode of SmackDown, but after last night, it was absolutely sound.


Orton says that when he took Mysterio’s mask, he didn’t do it to disrespect lucha culture, he did it to embarrass Rey.

Mysterio comes out to confront Orton, donning a neckbrace, and after a brawl between the two, nails two 619s, and grabs a chair.

However, he takes too long getting the chair and the ‘Viper’ recuperates, and he uses the steps to drive the chair into Rey’s throat before Jamie Noble and his pals come out to stop the assault.


Randy Orton making his way to the ring now, and he’s carrying Rey’s mask that he stole last week.

Maybe he’s been watching TJP on 205 Live?


Despite some attempted shenanigans from Miz, it’s Kofi who picks up the win with the Trouble in Paradise.

I was more interesting in Corey vs. Byron, but it is what it is.


We’re in the midst of a Kofi Kingston vs. Miz match because New Day said The Marine 6 sucks or something.

Fact time:


The entire SmackDown locker room unites on the stage for this celebration.

Except one man – Samoa Joe.

Joe says “he would have had a toast to Jeff, but “maybe having a bottle of champagne around you isn’t the best idea”. Blimey, calm down Joseph pal.

Jeff can’t take Joe’s insult-throwing any more, and challenges him to a match, but Joe refuses and simply walks away.


Despite the fact that Jeff Hardy debuted in WWE in 1994, tonight we celebrate 20 years since his WWE debut!

He joins Michael Cole in the ring for what I assume will be an interview of sorts.

Who do we think is ambushing him, then?


Shinsuke Nakamura was set for a match (can you believe that?!) against Rusev, but assaulted him before the bell rang.

Nakamura, the US Champion, hasn’t had a match on SmackDown in all of November.


AJ calls out Bryan for not being at the show, or at any recent house shows, and basically accuses him of being Brock Lesnar and doing the fans a disservice.

That wasn’t much of a segment, but it was alright.

It wasn’t piss.


AJ Styles is now in the ring and will presumably address the Daniel Bryan heel turn a couple of weeks ago.

Side note – They appear to be having some titantron issues tonight for some reason…


Miz keeps calling Shane his “bestie” and it’s absolutely fantastic.


In a very good little match, the Usos pick up a CLEAN win over SmackDown Tag Champions, the Bar.


Up next, the Usos take on the Bar in non-title action! And there’s no Big Show today, either, because they got in an argument backstage over last week’s loss in a stupid food gimmick match against New Day.


The heels are joined on the stage by Naomi, Asuka, Lana and Carmella.

Now, Mandy, Peyton, Billie, Sonya, Zelina, Naomi, Asuka, Lana and Carmella will compete in a Battle Royal tonight, with the winner being added to the TLC match for the Women’s Title.


‘The Man’ accuses Charlotte of being a “bootleg Becky”, in that she channeled her inner Lynch to batter Ronda.

Flair then turns the tables and says that Becky is just an imitation of her father Ric, which is a silly statement, and Paige announces that Charlotte will face Becky for the SmackDown Women’s Title at TLC in a TLC match.

And now Mandy Rose, the IIconics, Sonya Deville and Zelina Vega are here…


Becky says she’s done sitting on the sidelines and is back to fight, and immediately calls Charlotte Flair out to join her in the ring!


SmackDown opens with General Manager Paige welcoming Becky Lynch back to the show for the first time since Survivor Series.

Which means this show is already better than last night.

But what will the SmackDown Women’s Champion have to say?

Please be better than Raw.

Please be better than Raw.

Please be better than Raw.

Please be better than Raw.

Please be better than Raw.

Well, Becky’s back, which means it will probably be infinitely better than Raw, so that’s good.

I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of her choosing Charlotte to face Ronda at Survivor Series and then hugging her afterwards, because it made literally no sense, but hopefully tonight goes a little smoother.

We don’t know exactly what she’s going to be doing, but probably addressing Charlotte’s new attitude, which is basically that she is Becky Lynch.

Also tonight, we’ve got a non-title bout between the Bar and the Usos, which could be dead good, but will probably end with a roll-up or something else shenanigan-based to build to a match for the titles at TLC, or maybe a three-way including New Day.

Tonight also marks 20 years since Jeff Hardy debuted in WWE, and there appears to be some sort of celebration lined up for tonight. We might get a fun video package of mental moments, and then he’ll beat Almas again or something.

And last but not least, the ‘Phenomenal’ AJ Styles will appear tonight to discuss Daniel Bryan’s heel turn two weeks ago that assisted him in defeating Styles for the WWE Championship. AJ’s rematch is set for TLC, so it will be interesting to see what he has in store tonight.

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