Logan Paul Comes To WWE Raw Next Week & Ciampa Is Not Impressed

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Logan Paul Comes To WWE Raw Next Week & Ciampa Is Not Impressed WWE

Whoa, save some for next Monday’s WWE Raw Ciampa! Ciampa goes off on Logan Paul as he cements his alliance with the Miz on WWE Raw Talk.

With the Miz and Ciampa appearing on Raw Talk after WWE Raw went off the air, Ciampa had some choice words for the Internet sensation, Logan Paul who is scheduled to appear on next week’s (July 18) edition of WWE Raw.

Ciampa said of joining forces with the Miz:

“Well I’ve already shared with the Miz privately but if I have to share it with you and everyone else, it’s quite simple really: I want Miz to do for me, what he has done for guys like me in the past. “

On the topic of Logan Paul, Ciampa held nothing back and cut a fiery promo on someone that presumably, he hasn’t even met yet, saying:

“The fact of the matter is, that Logan Paul is stepping in there with the only two-time Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. And I personally don’t really have a problem with Logan Paul having a WrestleMania moment before me, I don’t even have a problem with Logan Paul having a contract sign in his first match [sic] is gonna be on SummerSlam, I don’t, because he’s built his own brand, he’s put in his sweat equity and he’s paved his own path and that’s all fine and dandy. What I have a problem with is that there’s actually people out there, there’s actually followers of Logan Paul, who think, they think, they really think, they believe that he can step into my world. Into our world, step inside, in a professional wrestling ring, a place where we’ve built our names for forty combined years! This is what I live for! And people out there actually think Logan Paul can step into my world…”

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It was at that point, the Miz interrupts, prompting Ciampa, “It’s okay, we’re only in an interview. Save it for next week. Save it for next week.”

Next week we shall see the start of the WWE career of Logan Paul as he has now signed with the company on a reportedly multi-year basis after his well received outing at WrestleMania 38. 

Logan Paul’s 2022 win/loss record is 1-0-0; you can see the rest of the WWE Main Roster win/loss records for the men’s division by clicking here. 

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