Awesome New Nickname For Logan Paul Ahead Of Roman Reigns Crown Jewel Match

5 months ago by Laura Cude

Awesome New Nickname For Logan Paul Ahead Of Roman Reigns Crown Jewel Match WWE

Ahead of Logan Paul’s huge match-up against Head of the Table Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, Paul seems keen on trying out a new nickname.

The social media personality stroke professional wrestler was speaking about his upcoming match when he coined the name.

In a promotional interview ahead of Crown Jewel, Logan Paul was asked about a tweet his brother Jake Paul made after Logan’s Crown Jewel press conference in Las Vegas.

Jake Paul had tweeted:

“Logan is the definition of anything is possible. 2 matches in WWE and he’s challenging for the belt. I might have to come to Saudi Arabia for this.”

Logan Paul was asked how much his brother was enjoying watching him (Logan) become a wrestler. To which he said:

“He’s taking on Anderson Silva, one of the greatest combat sports fighters in history, a week before I challenge Roman Reigns to be the face of the WWE at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. He makes it very easy to be a proud older brother, and I’d like to think it’s the same and I make him feel the same way about being my younger brother.

“Just like everyone else, I think he’s enthralled by what has become of our lives. We both accept challenges, all of them,at all times. This is just another one of those circumstances where I took on the biggest motherf**ker I could find and I’m going to chop him at the knees, take him down, take his Titles.

“He’s the Tribal Chief. I’m the Tribal Thief. I’m stealing this match and becoming the face of the WWE. Run it back. Clip it. Put it on ESPN. Bang. Zoom.”

Time will tell if the ‘Tribal Thief’ catches on and whether Paul will take Reigns’ undisputed title on November 5.

Jake Paul will be taking on Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva on October 29, around one week before Crown Jewel.

Logan recently addressed the possibility of his brother Jake Paul joining him at WWE. You can read more about what he had to say right here. 

WWE’s Crown Jewel is taking place at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday 5th November …. Tune in via the WWE Network: or on BT Sport.

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