Maximum Male Models Finally Debut In Cat Walk Segment

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Maximum Male Models Finally Debut In Cat Walk Segment WWE

Finally! Adam Pearce got his act together and Maximum Male Models were able to debut in a cat walk segment on tonight’s SmackDown.

Max Du-PRI kicked off the segment in the ring to introduce his newest acquisitions to Maximum Male Models, noting that they have “passion and love of fashion, displayed by the most athletic and virile men in all of fashion!”

First to be intrudced Mace but with a new caveat:

“You know him as Mace but until he found his love of fashion, you can now call him, I give you Ma.çé!”

Max’s next Maximum Male Model? Formerly known as Mansoor, he will now be known as Mån.sôör.

DuPri was sure to note their catch phrase by the end of the piece, saying that Maximum Male Models was here “to titilate the juices of your guilty pleasures.”

After the segment, Pat McAfee stated:

“I’ll remember this on my death bed, the night I was titilated by Max Du-PRI!”

Announced for next week’s episode, next week Maximum Male Models will debut a tennis collection.

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