Former WWE Star Discusses How Being Labelled A ‘Vince Guy’ Hurt Them In NXT

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Former WWE Star Discusses How Being Labelled A ‘Vince Guy’ Hurt Them In NXT WWE

A former WWE star has discussed how being labelled a “Vince guy” hurt them in NXT.

Steve Maclin has defeated the likes of Jay White, Chris Sabin, Moose and Sami Callihan since quickly becoming one of the top stars in IMPACT Wrestling.

Before his arrival in the promotion in 2021, Maclin made a name for himself in WWE. Starting in NXT, Maclin eventually made his way to SmackDown as a member of The Forgotten Sons in 2020.

On the latest edition of the Undisputed podcast, Steve Maclin discussed the transition to the main roster.

He said:

It was awesome and s****y at the same time because we were stuck in the Performance Center during COVID time. It was still a cool thing to have that moment, obviously be on SmackDown, do we wish it was in an arena with a lot more fans, actual fans? Yes.”

Maclin continued on to talk about feeling that the writing was on the wall, saying:

“It was a long time coming and we kind of knew the writing was on the wall at our time in NXT. We were always told, ‘You guys are Vince guys’ Okay, that’s not doing anything for us right now so what do we have to do to be more on TV here? I don’t know.”

“Honestly, I still don’t understand that other than that was their way of saying, ‘we have nothing for you, in a nice way, I guess. If we’re ‘Vince guys, call us up.”

The IMPACT Wrestling star concluded by noting that it was still good feeling to be there with Wesley Blake after their long stint in NXT together.

He said:

“When we did get called up, it was a good feeling and it was good to have Blake there because we both put in the hours and time. It was good to go up there and show, for that little time we did.”

Steve Maclin will face Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Rules Match on the November 17 edition of IMPACT on AXS TV.

Transcription via Fightful

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