Malakai Black Teases ‘Interesting’ Character Change In AEW

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Malakai Black Teases ‘Interesting’ Character Change In AEW

Malakai Black has teased an ‘interesting change’ to his character, which is set to happen within the next two weeks, as per the AEW star.

On Giant FM Real Radio, Black noted that the look and behaviour of his character will change within the next couple of weeks in an intriguing way.

Discussing plans for House of Black, Malakai said:

“In the next two weeks, you’re going to see a very interesting change in the aesthetics and behavior within the character.”

“Is there is a plan for it? Absolutely. When can you expect it? I don’t know. That’s not a decision I make. The idea for House of Black, a house is multiple people. There’s definitely an idea I have, more so than I’ve revealed to even Tony (Khan), with House of Black. I don’t want to rush everything. Everything goes slowly, takes its time, is methodical. When the time is right, you’ll hopefully see some faces appear.”

Black suffered his first AEW defeat on the October 23 episode of Dynamite, defeated by Cody Rhodes in their third one-on-one encounter. After the bout, Black took to social media to hint that he had lost the battle but won the war, stating that ‘House always wins‘.

The supernatural star isn’t currently scheduled to wrestle at AEW Full Gear on Saturday.

Quotes via Fightful.

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