MJF Fires Shot At Conor McGregor After He Wades Into Paddy Pimblett Drama

MJF Fires Shot At Conor McGregor After He Wades Into Paddy Pimblett Drama AEW

Another day, another case of MJF making the news after he continues feuding with a UFC star but now an even bigger one has joined the fracas.

Conor McGregor himself has entered the chat!

After exchanging words with UFC fighter Patrick ‘Paddy’ Pimblett via both social media posts and even official comment to ESPN, now MJF has a new foe in this fight.

With Conor McGregor being brought up in the first place as MJF referred to Paddy as a “dollar store Conor McGregor,” McGregor himself responded.

McGregor posted a screengrab of the TMZ headline reading ‘AEW Champ MJF Attacks Paddy Pimblett ‘Dollar Store Conor McGregor’ and added his own thoughts.


“A dollar store Conor is still worth millions! Let’s go young Paddy Pimb! Don’t know who this other clown is.”

To which MJF responded:

“I’ll fuck the Conor clone up.

“Then I’ll wipe my ass with the original.

“Stay in your lane you roided up leprechaun.

“You can’t hang with the @AEWWorld Champion. #Betterthanyou”

Of course MJF followed up with a Tweet reminding fans that AEW Dynamite kicks off at the top of the hour!

Plus his obligatory “fat bonus” to remind us that the champ doesn’t work for free!

You can keep up with all the news from tonight’s AEW Dynamite by clicking here. 

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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