Mustafa Ali Posts Ominous Message In Response To WWE Video

2 years ago by Nate

Mustafa Ali Posts Ominous Message In Response To WWE Video

If you watched Raw last night, then you saw Mustafa Ali revealed as the leader of Retribution. The reveal has been met with mixed reviews online from critics and fans.

Some saw it as a favorable course correction for the struggling storyline. Others saw it as another nail in the coffin of turning Retribution into a mid-card story at best based on WWE’s history of poorly booking promising factions. Does anyone remember the Nexus?

Mustafa Ali is trying to make the most of being inserted into the story. Tonight, he posted a response to WWE’s video highlights of the angle on last night’s Raw:

Wanting to watch the world end seems like a pretty ominous message. However, it is 2020. So, the world ending seems like a real possibility in the next couple of months.

Retribution has wavered a bit on its purpose and mission since forming. At one point they were disgruntled NXT stars, then they wanted to tear WWE down from the inside, and now they just want to watch the world burn.

Whatever the case, Ali could give the group some direction and WWE certainly has an opportunity to tie up some loose ends from the last few months. It could easily connect the Hacker story to how they got control of WWE’s network for logos and such.

However, many fans will argue this is likely not to happen given WWE’s track record. What do you think about adding Ali as the leader? Are you excited about Retribution, cautiously optimistic, or in fool me once, shame on you mode? Let us know on Twitter.

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