NXT North American Title Ladder Match Had Botched Finish (Exclusive)

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NXT North American Title Ladder Match Had Botched Finish (Exclusive)

The NXT North American Championship ladder match at NXT Takeover New Orleans is regarded as one of the best matches in NXT history. However, it has been revealed that the match had a botched finish.

While appearing on QuizzleMania 38, former WWE star Big Damo (FKA Killian Dain) spoke at length about the match. It was here that he explained that there was another finish planned out that was going to be much more spectacular than what ended up happening. He said:

“So the finish was meant to be way better than that but the ladder buckled. Ricochet was meant to – we did it in practice, he springboards onto Lars’ (Sullivan) shoulders and Lars continues climbing up the ladder and then there would have been more shenanigans happen but the ladder completely buckled because one of us probably went through it at some point. So they changed the finish on the fly and the boys did a brilliant job. That’s one of those crazy things that they did so well to work out because what was planned was incredible but something went wrong. The equipment can only take so much weight, I guess.

“But it all worked in practice. We only practiced a couple of things like ‘can we get the ladder to fit in this position for this’, ‘can we get the ladder to do whatever?’. We’re like ‘okay, we’ll practice this bit at the end’ and somehow the ladder just collapsed and the boys did a brilliant job to finish it so all power to the three of them.”

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The match was ultimately won by Adam Cole who became the first-ever champion. It is also one of only 11 matches in WWE history to receive a five star rating from Dave Meltzer.

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