More Insight Into Potential NXT Backstage Issues With Parker Boudreaux (Harland)

More Insight Into Potential NXT Backstage Issues With Parker Boudreaux (Harland) WWE

More details continue to emerge regarding the latest set of NXT releases, including specifically some news on Parker Boudreaux (Harland).

Initially, Fightful reported that WWE officials felt Boudreaux hadn’t progressed enough in the ring, and Dave Meltzer has now provided a follow-up on that.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said:

“I’m a little surprised because he’s a big guy, they want big guys, football player, they like football players. But they also have a deal where they give you a little bit of time and they have so many people, and if you don’t show improvement in their minds, in the coaches’ minds, or you have a bad attitude or whatever the thing is, they figure that they’ve got an assembly line full of people that can take your spot.

“And in his case – I was surprised that he was put on television as quickly as he was, because I remember not all that long before he was put on television, there was some stuff regarding like who’s a hard worker, who’s not a hard worker, who’s gonna make it, who’s not.

“Bronson Rechsteiner (Bron Breakker) and Jacob Kasper (Julius Creed), those were the ones I was told were like, they’re the ones that they’re gonna make it and they’re gonna be big stars. And when it came to Boudreaux, it was not favorable at all, as far as like, anything.

“And that’s why I was surprised they brought him up with very little training, because he wasn’t ready for TV and he wasn’t a rapidly improving guy like those guys were. And there were other things that…. they weren’t so hot on him.”

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Boudreaux has reacted to his release on social media by posting images of him with his old hairstyle before WWE made him shave it for the Harland gimmick, and saying “Parker Boudreaux is back”.

A list of the follow-up stories we have on the site with more details on the latest NXT releases can be found at this link, and we will of course continue to provide more updates as they come to light.

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