Nyla Rose Admits To Most Egregious Offense Yet

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

Nyla Rose Admits To Most Egregious Offense Yet AEW

You think stealing Jade Cargill’s TBS Championship was bad? Wait until you find out what other egregious offense AEW star Nyla Rose has just admitted to on Twitter!

While she may be making waves with her felonious heists in AEW but Nyla Rose has just admitted to being a menace an entirely new way.

In one of her patently hilarious Twitter exchanges, Nyla Rose has admitted to committing what some may consider a high crime.

She sends emails in Comic Sans font?!

Fellow AEW star Serpentico attempted to call out this outrageous behavior by writing on Twitter:

“Good morning @NylaRoseBeast writes important work emails in comic sans font”

To which an unapologetic Nyla Rose responded:

“OK I’m not even mad at this one because I DO, do that….

It drives people INSAAAAAANE😂😂😂😂😂”

Nyla Rose remains in possession of the TBS Championship belt after having heisted it from the champ Jade Cargill and her squad of Baddies at a recent taping of AEW.

Nyla Rose is currently 22-11-0 in 2022; you can view all of the win/loss records for the AEW Women’s Division by clicking here. 

Nyla Rose’s Twitter game however remains undefeated.

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