Paul Heyman Claims It Was WWE Star’s Idea To Bury Sami Zayn

Paul Heyman Claims It Was WWE Star’s Idea To Bury Sami Zayn

Speaking on the Talking Smack episode that dropped on the WWE Network on Saturday, Paul Heyman has claimed that it was Kevin Owens’ idea to bury Sami Zayn.

When he was in control of Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman didn’t show much love to Sami Zayn, and Heyman told Kayla Braxton that it was Owens’ idea to bury the former NXT Superstar

“Listen, we were in meetings and It wasn’t even my idea to bury him. It was Kevin Owens’ idea to bury him.”

“We were running hot on Raw and the Street Profits were the Tag Team Champions. And I needed a tag team to go against the Street Profits. I went to Kevin Owens and I said, ‘why don’t you team with Sami Zayn again and we’ll put you up against the Street Profits.’ [He said] ‘Are you kidding me, I’ve known that guy since we were kids together, he’s a pr*ck, I don’t like him, bury him in meetings.’”

“I said ‘no no KO, I don’t wanna bury Sami in meetings.’ He said, ‘no no no, everyone else buries him, you might as well just bury him’ so I did. It was part of a conspiracy because Kevin Owens didn’t like him, he told me that that’s the way he was since he was a kid.”

This is just part of the larger conspiracy theory storyline that Sami Zayn is part of on Friday Night SmackDown, as it’s almost certain that Kevin Owens didn’t campaign to have Zayn buried on Raw.

Some have speculated that WWE is planning on having Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn work a match together at WrestleMania 37 next month, particularly after a backstage segment on last week’s show.

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Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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