Possible Way WWE & AEW Talent May Try To Get Around Travel Restrictions

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Possible Way WWE & AEW Talent May Try To Get Around Travel Restrictions

There’s some speculation on a possible way that WWE and AEW wrestlers could try to get around some new travel restrictions in certain US states.

The Govenors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have all put restrictions in place meaning anyone who flies to those states from a state with a high COVID-19 rate would have to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.

Of course this could be a bit of a problem for WWE and AEW talent as both promotions are taping shows in Florida, which falls into the high COVID-19 rate category. WWE has its headquarters based in Stamford and its entire executive branch is in the three aforementioned states.

Cageside Seats notes that a possible way wrestlers may look to get around this is to fly from Florida to Philadelphia, which currently doesn’t have those same restrictions, then drive from Phildelphia to whichever of the other three states they need to get to.

It has been said previously that another way AEW in particular could try to get around the travel restrictions is because of its testing policy, with everyone being tested at every taping, but it’s not actually clear whether that’d work or not.

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