QT Marshall ‘Wasn’t Thrilled’ Only Going 3 Minutes Vs. Paul Wight At AEW All Out (Exclusive)

QT Marshall ‘Wasn’t Thrilled’ Only Going 3 Minutes Vs. Paul Wight At AEW All Out (Exclusive) AEW/WrestleTalk

Paul Wight, formerly known as the Big Show, had his debut match against QT Marshall at AEW All Out last year, and while Wight was always likely to win, his opponent wasn’t exactly overjoyed at how things went down.

Speaking to Luke Owen and Denise Salcedo on the WrestleTalk Podcast, QT Marshall spoke about the match at length, and admitted he would’ve liked the match to go a lot longer than it did.

When asked whether the reports that the match was cut short on the day of the show were true, Marshall said:

“So I don’t know where anyone gets information from. I genuinely don’t. And that’s where I’ll kind of keep that answer. We did what we were gonna do no matter what, no matter how much time we had. I really don’t know where all this information came from. If it was from our side, okay then that’s the narrative somebody’s gonna tell.

“I wrote the show with Tony. I wrote down the times that I had with Tony. No-one told us to go faster, no-one told us to go slower. We just went out there and worked. With Paul, if he’s gonna get to the next spot, I can’t do anything about it because he’s so big. I can’t just rake him in the eyes and throw him to the outside of the ring. It’s just not feasible with someone his size.

“So again, we didn’t go any faster or slower than we were gonna go because somebody told us to. This is just the way he wanted to work. I wasn’t thrilled about it, because I did push to get us a lot more time, and no-one told us we couldn’t go that much more time. We just didn’t.”

He made sure to say he wasn’t actually annoyed at Paul Wight for how the match went, but did mention how hard he worked in the build to the match.

“I’m not mad at Paul for it, but I work my ass off to get on pay-per-view so if I’m gonna get on pay-per-view and get seven minutes, or eight minutes with our entrances and a video package and all that stuff, I wanna go the full eight minutes. So when I watch it back and see three minutes bell-to-bell, it does bother me.

“But the narrative that people are pushing that we were told to do that or we had to do that because it was the match after CM Punk, that’s complete BS. I don’t know where that came from. I saw Meltzer write something so maybe he spoke to Tony and that’s, maybe that’s the narrative somebody wanted to push because the match wasn’t as amazing as everyone thought it was going to be.

“I mean really on paper, what did you think it was gonna be? Like realistically, the whole lead-up, he never touched me, so the moment he gets his hands on me, it should have been ‘ding ding ding’, chokeslam, realistically. I would have been okay with that too, I don’t give a crap. I’m doing the job that I’m asked to do.”

He went on to respond to fans who suggested the match shouldn’t have been on the PPV card at all.

“The biggest thing is, people were upset that we were on pay-per-view. Well who do you want Paul Wight to wrestle? Do you want him to beat Jungle Boy? Do you want him to beat one of the young talents – Dante Martin? Because I’m telling you, I would have loved to have him go out there and do that to one of those guys instead of me, but at the same time, from a company perspective, who’s one of the only guys in the locker room that’s okay being a heel, that can go out there and get beat and the internet, the Twitter universe, is not gonna go crazy over? I’m probably that guy.

“And I’m okay with that, because again I don’t read Twitter, so the only way I know these things is other people come up to me and ask me questions about it like, ‘How do you feel that your match wasn’t perceived…’ I don’t know. Paul was happy. I was happy. I was able to walk out of the arena without being put in a wheelchair, so for me, I was okay with it.”

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