Real Reason WWE Planned Security Botch On Raw Revealed

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Real Reason WWE Planned Security Botch On Raw Revealed

A strange moment on this Monday’s Raw saw security guards tackle what many people initially believed was a fan who had jumped the barricade.

However, it later became clear that this ‘fan’ that was tackled by security was actually Rick Malone, the wedding officiant from Bobby Lashley and Lana car crash wedding from the previous week.

Malone actually revealed that security guards tackling him to the ground was part of the script, and this has seemingly been confirmed by Dave Meltzer.

It is being reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE organised for security to tackle Malone as a way to stop viewers from switching over the channel during the commerical break.

People figured security screwed up on live TV and thought he was a fan. It was actually all part of the show. It was a way to get people talking by doing something out of the box with the idea anything can happen on the show and they did it right before a planned commercial break with the idea of hooking people to not switch channels during the break by having people see something they thought they weren’t supposed to see.

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