Reason For No Denial Of Cody Rhodes Royal Rumble Rumors?

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Reason For No Denial Of Cody Rhodes Royal Rumble Rumors?

It has been rumoured for a few weeks now that the forbidden door would be opening to allow a non-WWE star to enter this year’s Royal Rumble match.

These rumours practically exploded yesterday when Fightful Select reported Cody Rhodes was no longer under contract with AEW, and was therefore technically a free agent.

AEW is yet to deny Cody will be part of the match, and Dave Meltzer has given his theory as to why that might be on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The Cody Rhodes (Royal Rumble) rumors, I mean, they’re… I’m sure, at this point, given that nobody has been denying them, that they actually want it out like this. But, there’s nothing of substance to the story in the sense that – he’s got a reality show, he’s got a game show, he was just in touch with me the other day about the ratings of his game show, was very happy with those ratings.

“He’s an Executive Vice President… he may not have signed his contract because he hasn’t been there. Essentially, he was supposed to go January 5 to Newark, and he actually went to Newark, but he had to fly home because that’s when there was a family health issue, and he had to go home. So he has not been to an AEW show yet this year, his first one will be Wednesday.”

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Meltzer also reported over the weekend that no AEW stars would be part of the Royal Rumble, but as Cody is no longer under contract…who knows.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in two weeks.

You can keep track of all the confirmed entrants for both Rumbles matches (21 for the women and 15 for the man so far) at this link.

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