Rhea Ripley Wants To Do Mixed Tag Matches With Damian Priest

Rhea Ripley Wants To Do Mixed Tag Matches With Damian Priest WWE

WWE’s faction Judgment Day are so close in real life, they can even share each other’s gear says on of the top stars in the group.

Rhea Ripley recently spoke to Metro.co.uk about whether or not she specifically pitched working with real life pal Damian Priest ahead of the duo both being a part of the powerful faction, the Judgment Day.

According to Ripley, while she didn’t make the pitch directly, the pair wasn’t exactly shy about publicly stating their desire to work together.

Ripley said:

“I think it was just creative [coming up with it]. I don’t know if they’ve seen interviews that we’ve done online – I don’t know if they really look at that stuff, ’cause we’ve both talked about it when we’ve had interviews.

“But at least I know I haven’t brought it up to them at all – I don’t know if Priest did, but I didn’t. I think it was just a happy accident, really.

Speaking about how the faction gets on behind the scenes, Ripley painted a very rosy picture of the spooky clan, saying:

“It’s insane. I get along with them boys so well – even Priest, we’ve been friends for so long now. We’ve always talked about wanting to do an intergender tag match together, we are so similar.

“I wore the dude’s gear when I lost my gear, that’s how similar we are! It’s really cool being in a group with them boys, and just going out there and actually having fun and doing our thing! It’s great.”

Ripley has previously shared a story about losing her luggage and sole pair of ring gear pants where Priest plays the hero by lending her an pair.

Rhea Ripley continues along in the Judgment Day faction with Finn Balor, Damian Priest and the recently added Dominik Mysterio.

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