Rhea Ripley Discusses Perceived Role As Judgment Day’s Leader

Rhea Ripley Discusses Perceived Role As Judgment Day’s Leader WWE

When the Judgment Day was originally formed back in 2022, it was with WWE Hall of Famer Edge presented as the leader of the group, with Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley working under him.

Since Finn Balor replaced Edge in the group, and Dominik Mysterio later being added, the group has operated as a more singular unit, with none of the members being looked at as the definitive ‘leader’ of the group.

However, in recent weeks, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley has taken on more of a leadership role in the group, most recently stepping in to prevent Damian Priest from cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Speaking with Sporting News Australia, Ripley discussed her perceived role as the leader of the group, reiterating that the group doesn’t have a leader.

She said:

“I’m pretty confident within myself. I feel like we’ve been doing a lot of the right things lately and I mean, The Judgment Day, we don’t technically have a leader. None of us really lead. We just have specifics jobs that we are better at and for me, when it comes to my boys, I’m very good at making plans and they all believe in my plans and they know that they work and that’s why they listen to me. That’s why most of time, you see me bossing them around and trying to stand my ground and tell them no sometimes. I tell them to go. It really depends what the plan is but it’s because I’ve thought it all through. I’m not running off emotions because it’s not me that’s in that situation.

“I stopped (Damian) Priest from cashing in at the P.L.E. because he wasn’t 100 percent. He had been beaten up in his tag team match and he was obviously running off anger which is never good because that’s when you slip up so I told him no. I told him to give me the briefcase so, I feel like there’s no specific leaders but we all have our jobs and for me, my job is making the plans for the boys to execute and obviously, I will be there to help out as well. But yeah, it’s been a lot of fun. It really is. It is a challenge, especially dealing with them three boys and maybe a fourth, we’ll see. But they’ll listen to me and they all believe in me and it helps me believe in myself at the same time. So I’m just getting started, we’re all just getting started and we’re all having the time of our lives.”

transcription via POST Wrestling

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